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thor heyerdahl kon tiki movie torrent

Kon-Tiki (). Trailer. The true story about legendary explorer Thor Heyerdahl and his epic crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in Synopsis. The Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific Ocean in a balsawood raft in , together with five men, to prove that. Movie Info. Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (Pål Sverre Hagen) suspects that the South Sea Islands were originally colonized by South Americans. In TOMASZ ZEJER KONTAKT TORRENT Example, with FileZilla Server. The application that may out the. Changes will that this unwanted emails in the. The same our Mobile Add-ons site.

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Kon-Tiki [2012] Official Trailer


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Sifting through all available publications on archaeological, ethnological, historical, mythological, and botanical evidence, Heyerdahl tries like a detective to puzzle together the pieces of how the islands in Polynesia was discovered and settled. The publication attracted the same criticism and controversy Thor Heyerdahl experienced after the Kon-Tiki voyage, but this time most of his adversaries also respected the effort which he had put into his research.

Do you have a Norwegian IP address? Read the book here. Thor Heyerdahl became an international best seller with Kon-Tiki. On Raft Across the South Seas To date it has been translated into 74 languages and published in a host of different editions.

Many of his subsequent books have also enjoyed an international audience, and received widely publication and translation. Today, this collection is housed in the General Document Archive, while a part of it is on display in the Library exhibition.

A list of the editions of Kon-Tiki. On Raft Across the South Seas can be downloaded here. On Raft Across the South Seas" has been published in more than 74 different language editions. The collection consists of 1. A list of books in the collection can be downloaded here. Thor Heyerdahl and Knut M. A feature documentary from the Kon-Tiki voyage was released in Prizes, awards, and honors Membership associations, unions, clubs etc.

Correspondence Economy Books, pamphlets, etc. American Indians in the Pacific. The theory behind the Kon-Tiki Expedition, Verlag Ullstein, April , pp. Translator: Dr. Karl Jettmar. Svjetlost Sarajevo, , pp. Melhoramentos de Sao Paulo, , pp. Translator: Agenor Soares de Moura. Jose Olympio Editora, , pp. Translator: Teodora Dzhebarova. Gyldendal, , pp. Translator: Dagny Sandvad. Eldona Societo Esperanto, pp.

Heyerdahl believed that people from South America could have settled Polynesia in pre-Columbian times, although most anthropologists now believe they did not. Anyway he proved that it was possible by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at that time.

The trip took days over 4, miles across the Pacific Ocean before the "Kon-Tiki" crashed onto the dangerous reefs outside Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, All crewmen survived, and the "Kon-Tiki" was taken back to Norway.

She is now featured in the Kon-Tiki Museum. Legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal's Pal Hagen who gives a fabulous acting epic 4,mile crossing of the Pacific on a Balsawood raft in , in an effort prove that it was possible for South Americans to settle in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times. Awesome retelling about the dangerous adventure starred by Thor and a valiant group of heroes. Big budget production with gorgeous scenarios , colorful images , thrills , emotion and sense of style.

Large parts of the film were filmed in two versions at the same time, one in Norwegian, the other in English, in order to secure international funding. Including wide participation from several nations , as there take part Sweden, Bulgaria , Norway , Malta , Maldives crews. Glamorous and glimmer cinematography by Geir Hartly Andreassen.

The film's producer, Jeremy Thomas, had wanted to make the film since and was granted the rights to the story by Thor Heyerdahl before the latter's death in The film was well based on real events , these are the followings : Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name.

Kon-Tiki is also the name of Heyerdahl's book; the Academy Award-winning documentary film chronicling his adventures; and the dramatised feature film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Heyerdahl believed that people from South America could have settled Polynesia in pre-Columbian times. Although most anthropologists as of had come to the conclusion they did not, in , new genetic evidence was uncovered by Erik Thorsby that Easter Island inhabitants do have some South American DNA, lending credence to at least some of Heyerdahl's theses. His aim in mounting the Kon-Tiki expedition was to show, by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at the time, that there were no technical reasons to prevent them from having done so.

Although the expedition carried some modern equipment, such as a radio, watches, charts, sextant, and metal knives, Heyerdahl argued they were incidental to the purpose of proving that the raft itself could make the journey. The Kon-Tiki expedition was funded by private loans, along with donations of equipment from the United States Army.

Heyerdahl and a small team went to Peru, where, with the help of dockyard facilities provided by the Peruvian authorities, they constructed the raft out of balsa logs and other native materials in an indigenous style as recorded in illustrations by Spanish conquerers. The trip began on April 28, Heyerdahl and five companions sailed the raft for days over km 4, miles across the Pacific Ocean before smashing into a reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, The crew made successful landfall and all returned safely.

Thor Heyerdahl's book about his experience became a bestseller. It appeared with great success in English in , also in many other languages. A documentary motion picture about the expedition, also called Kon-Tiki was produced from a write-up and expansion of the crew's filmstrip notes and won an Academy Award in It was directed by Thor Heyerdahl and edited by Olle Nordemar. I sought out this Norwegian film only after I learned that this was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film.

I only had a cursory knowledge of Thor Heyerdahl as a Norwegian explorer who wrote about his adventure at sea. However, I did not know any details at all about him or his journey. So I welcomed this opportunity to finally get to see it. The film began with Thor as a child when he fell into the icy lake and almost drowned.

However we later find out that that accident and his inability to swim did not deter his adventurous spirit. There he learned the belief of the islanders that their ancestor Tiki actually came from the East the Americas instead of Asia as commonly assumed. For several years, Thor tried to get his theory about Polynesian origins published but was repeatedly rejected.

Therefore, he resolved to prove his theory by recreating Tiki's original ocean journey from Peru to Polynesia on a raft made of balsa wood with strictly no modern materials. It is just too coincidental that I am watching another ocean adventure just a few days after watching "Life of Pi. It had an experienced though spare crew of 5, composed of two sailors, an engineer, an ethnographer and Thor, so it had a distinct advantage over the teenager and a tiger.

But maybe because I just watched Pi, maybe I expected to see so much more maritime misfortune than I did with Kon-Tiki. However, that sequence with vicious sharks had real heart-stopping suspense. I do have some misgivings about that episode with the whale shark, because it is not really the aggressive creature depicted in the film.

This was a straight-forward adventure film for the family. It may seem old-fashioned to some, nothing too controversial or strange as one can expect from modern European cinema. It was by no means boring, but I admit I felt like it lacked a certain edge while I was watching it. The crew members did not even have any significant conflict among each other and they were trapped on a raft for a hundred days!

That may come across as unbelievable in these days of Big Brother and other "reality" TV shows.

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