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Mark bendell the unknown download torrents

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mark bendell the unknown download torrents

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Marks unknown to most hence the title but is one of the most creative minds in magic. He has been writing material for magicians for years and much of what material myself and Gary use in a professional sets are his ideas. His routines are very simple and yet very powerful. They also will appeal to all skill levels. He is not a performer himself and we was honored when he decided to put some of his favourite creations from the last 15 years out the the public and wanted me and Gary to do the DVD for him.

Some of the routines we had not even seen until to the day before the filming, but they are so practical we was able to use them and get great reactions from the very first performance. I really believe this could be the best project I have ben invlolved with to date.

Thank you, Lee. All available on my site. I am sure Russ will fill you in with more detail. But I think he would like a Blackpool release. So very soon. The footage I have seen looks incredible. I can't wait to see the trailer myself. I think everyone will be knocked out with both the quality of the magic, performances and also the 'new look' that we've got, plus quality of product.

Looking at the first edits, tonight I'm a very happy man! Posted: Jan 25, am. The quality of releases from RSVP is consistently high This sounds like another outstanding project Hopefully there will be a pre order option? I have just seen a clip of this as its being edited and I cant even begin to tell you how good the quality is with the new equipment Russ is using.

We are all in for a treat with this and future RSVP products. Posted: Jan 26, pm. I am lucky enough to have some great friends in magic. Mark Bendell is one of the nicest, most modest persons you could ever meet. He has a brilliant mind, and using direct and usually very simple methods, creates brilliant pieces of close up magic and mentalism. I am so happy that very soon Mark's work will get the recognition it deserves.

Well done Mark Best John. This sounds like another winner guys! I wonder if I can get a copy the day before blackpool as a sort of sympathy token for not being able to make it this year? This is going to be good. Posted: Jan 28, am. Posted: Jan 28, pm. Would be lovely to hear from Mark re this project as it is after all his material. Come on Mark, let's hear ya mate.

All in good time John all in good time But joking aside I will post on here work permitting when I can and answer any questions you may have on the release of this material. I have heard from Russ, Gary and Lee today and the edit is in its Final Stages, what I can say is everybody has worked long and hard for this project to come to fruition. To all my friends in Magic you know who you all are.. Thank you Mark Bendell. My version of Eddie fetcher "Be Honest What's it?

Posted: Jan 24, am 0 Hi Guys, I know that Lee Smith has already started a thread here, but I thought I'd put up some more detailed information as the producer of this project. MagicMaddy Special user Posts. Posted: Jan 24, pm 0 Can't wait. Posted: Jan 24, pm 0 Looking forward to this! View Cart 0. Toggle Top Menu. Search Search. Main Navigation. Currency Converter. Related Products. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist.

Add To Cart. John Carey - shhhh The Unknown - Instant Download. Click to enlarge. Minimum Purchase:. Maximum Purchase:. Buy in bulk and save. Product Videos. Find Similar Products by Tag buy magic card magic close up magic easy to do magic gary jones geek geek magic learn lee smith m a g i c magic magic shop magic trick professional magic visualise magic visualize magic dvd. Product Reviews Write review. How do you rate this product?

Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. Choose Options. You Recently Viewed Blog Jamie Raven the real secret The past few weeks have been crazy busy at rsvpmagic where we've working on … Want to be famous??? At rsvpmagic we are mostly known for producing DVDs for magicians. In the …. Follow us on Facebook Twitter YouTube. Selected For Comparision Compare Now. Click the button below to add the The Unknown - Instant Download to your wish list.

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