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barry cooper never get busted again torrent

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Drawing on extensive archival footage and police files as well as exclusive new interviews with detectives, survivors and family members of the killer, the series weaves together a picture of a complex and flawed investigation that challenged police for decades.

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Brought to you by Barry Cooper — Former drug task force superstar reveals all —. God bless free enterprise and the First Amendment Barry Cooper was West Texas narcotics interdiction cop for eight years. Donate here. Previous Talking about marijuana. Related Posts. Search Search for:. Sign Up. PayPal Stripe - Credit Card. Or make a one time donation One time donation You will be able to use a credit card or your PayPal account. For over 25 years, days a year, Brasscheck TV has brought you what the mainstream media hides — and now we need your help Right on schedule All year long we borrow from Peter to pay Paul to keep Brassheck TV coming to you every day.

Censorship Free. Google and other dirt bag Big Tech companies censor our videos and other content. Sign up to guarantee your right-to-know is not blocked. If you're already subscribed, just click the upper right hand corner of this box. As a narcotics officer, he would be trying to pick cars to pull over that would give him an above-average chance of finding drugs in the car.

Cooper shows us a tricky intersection in a town where he used to work and explains that he used to sit at this corner for hours watching people drive through. First of all, they have to slow down, so he could get a good look at each car and its occupants. Second, he learned to recognize the behavior of drivers who were not familiar with the intersection, which identified them as non-locals who would be more likely to be transporting large amounts of drugs up from Mexico.

I enjoyed this video for many of the same reasons I enjoy a good police procedural mystery or an episode of The Wire. Keeping that in mind, what do you think a narcotics officer will assume about a car with a D. They get suspicious about D. The also look for cultural signs of drug use—such as college fraternity emblems or Vietnam veterans! The key, says Cooper, is to blend in.

The last chapter explains what to do if you get busted. Also, if you have any drugs on you when you are arrested, tell the officer right away. Cooper advises choosing a lawyer with a lot of experience trying cases, which sounds like good advice.

He also advises always pleading not guilty and asking for a jury trial, which I suspect is bad advice. Your lawyer can explain your options. I think I have to apologize a bit. Sorry Barry. Your DVD is what you said it would be. Not for me, unless this page gets about fifteen thousand hits. Sorry if that cultural reference is too dated to understand. Two cents plus a nickel to your nearest DPR org…Cash only.

However, after having read the following two blogs about Mr. Cooper as reprinted below on these two issues:. I produced a DVD that shouts aloud what cops think in secret not what people have been told for years by attorneys and good activists. The info told for years is accurate just as my DVD is accurate if viewers understand the story is being told through the lens of a cop.

Jon Katz attorney has a personal issue with me for reasons that are not worth posting. My conversations with him showing his unfair comments and my extended hand of friendship can be read on the flexyourrights web site. He posted this on the flexyourrights site also. My information is good and it works. You will love my DVD!!!

So far, thousands of copies sold, only four returns on my guarantee and they were all cops except one. I have a great deal of mistrust for him because of so many red flags over the last few months. I contest his assertion that we have had words in the past. I posted our conversations on my blog yesterday so that everyone could see that I was always polite in my queries. I think it has way more to do with the fact that most drug policy reformers and organizations are about to take my lead and rip this fucktard to shreds.

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