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water fueled car pdf torrent

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According to the currently accepted laws of physics, there is no way to extract chemical energy from water alone. Water itself is highly stable—it was one of the classical elements and contains very strong chemical bonds. Its enthalpy of formation is negative Most proposed water-fuelled cars rely on some form of electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them to release energy; however, because the energy required to separate the elements will always be at least as great as the useful energy released, this cannot be used to produce net energy.

Charles H. Garrett allegedly demonstrated a water-fuelled car "for several minutes", which was reported on September 8, , in The Dallas Morning News. Garrett's patent fails to identify a new source of energy. At least as far back as , Stanley Meyer claimed that he had built a dune buggy that ran on water, [13] although he gave inconsistent explanations as to its mode of operation. In some cases, he claimed that he had replaced the spark plugs with a "water splitter", [14] while in other cases it was claimed to rely on a "fuel cell" that split the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The "fuel cell", which he claimed was subjected to an electrical resonance , would split the water mist into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which would then be combusted back into water vapour in a conventional internal combustion engine to produce net energy. Meyer's claims were never independently verified, and in an Ohio court in he was found guilty of "gross and egregious fraud".

In , the firm Hydrogen Technology Applications patented an electrolyser design and trademarked the term "Aquygen" to refer to the hydrogen oxygen gas mixture produced by the device. At present, the company no longer claims it can run a car exclusively on water, and is instead marketing "Aquygen" production as a technique to increase fuel efficiency , [20] thus making it Hydrogen fuel enhancement rather than a water-fuelled car.

Also in , Genesis World Energy announced a market ready device which would extract energy from water by separating the hydrogen and oxygen and then recombining them. In June , Japanese company Genepax unveiled a car it claimed ran on only water and air, [24] and many news outlets dubbed the vehicle a "water-fuel car".

This led to speculation that the metal hydride is consumed in the process and is the ultimate source of the car's energy, making it a hydride-fuelled " hydrogen on demand " vehicle rather than water-fuelled as claimed. In early , Genepax announced they were closing their website, citing large development costs.

Also in , Sri Lankan news sources reported that Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe claimed to drive a water-fuelled car about km miles. Daniel Dingel , a Filipino inventor, has been claiming since to have developed technology allowing water to be used as fuel. In , Dingel entered into a business partnership with Formosa Plastics Group to further develop the technology.

In , Formosa Plastics successfully sued Dingel for fraud and Dingel, who was 82, was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment. In December , Ghulam Sarwar claimed he had invented a car that ran only on water. It was further claimed the car "emits only oxygen rather than the usual carbon". Pakistani man Agha Waqar Ahmad claimed in July to have invented a water-fuelled car by installing a "water kit" for all kind of automobiles, [38] [39] which consists of a cylindrical jar that holds the water, a bubbler , and a pipe leading to the engine.

He claimed the kit used electrolysis to convert water into " HHO ", which is then used as fuel. The kit required use of distilled water to work. In addition to claims of cars that run exclusively on water, there have also been claims that burning hydrogen or oxyhydrogen together with petrol or diesel increases mileage and efficiency; these claims are debated.

According to a spokesman for the American Automobile Association , "All of these devices look like they could probably work for you, but let me tell you they don't". Related to the water-fuelled car hoax are claims that additives, often a pill, can convert the water into usable fuel, similar to a carbide lamp , in which a high-energy additive produces the combustible fuel. These claims are all false, and often with fraudulent intent, as again water itself cannot contribute any energy to the process.

A hydrogen on demand vehicle uses a chemical reaction to produce hydrogen from water. The hydrogen is then burned in an internal combustion engine or used in a fuel cell to generate electricity which powers the vehicle. These designs take energy from the chemical that reacts with water; vehicles of this type are not precluded by the laws of nature.

Aluminium , magnesium , and sodium borohydride react with water to generate hydrogen and have been used in hydrogen on demand prototypes. Eventually, the chemical runs out and has to be replenished. One example of a hydrogen on demand device, created by scientists from the University of Minnesota and the Weizmann Institute of Science , uses boron to generate hydrogen from water. An article in New Scientist in July described the power source under the headline "A fuel tank full of water," [48] and they quote Abu-Hamed as saying:.

The aim is to produce the hydrogen on-board at a rate matching the demand of the car engine. We want to use the boron to save transporting and storing the hydrogen. A vehicle powered by the device would take on water and boron instead of petrol, and generate boron trioxide. Elemental boron is difficult to prepare and does not occur naturally. Boron trioxide is an example of a borate , which is the predominant form of boron on earth. Thus, a boron-powered vehicle would require an economical method of preparing elemental boron.

The chemical reactions describing the oxidation of boron are:. The balanced chemical equation representing the overall process hydrogen generation and combustion is:. As shown above, boron trioxide is the only net byproduct, and it could be removed from the car and turned back into boron and reused. Electricity input is required to complete this process, which Al-Hamed suggests could come from solar panels. Although it is possible to obtain elemental boron by electrolysis, a substantial expenditure of energy is required.

The process of converting borates to elemental boron and back might be compared with the analogous process involving carbon: carbon dioxide could be converted to charcoal elemental carbon , then burnt to produce carbon dioxide. It is referred to in the pilot episode for the That '70s Show sitcom, as well as in the twenty-first episode of the fifth season and the series finale. The Water Engine , a David Mamet play made into a television film in , tells the story of Charles Lang inventing an engine that runs using water for fuel.

The plot centers on the many obstacles the inventor must overcome to patent his device. In the episode, the vehicle explodes after a character sabotages it by putting seltzer tablets in the fuel tank. The car shown was actually a Bricklin SV From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hypothetical vehicle deriving energy from water. Main article: Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell. Main article: Agha Waqar's water-fuelled car. Main article: Hydrogen fuel enhancement. Main article: Gasoline pill. Cars portal. The Sunday Times. Times Newspapers Limited. Features Archived from the original on October 22, Retrieved May 16, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Archived from the original on December 26, Retrieved January 12, Daily Mirror.

October 16, Archived from the original on September 4, Popular Mechanics. July 3, Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved July 21, Professor Theodosios Korakianitis at Queen Mary University of London says water by itself would not be enough to get your car going.

Nature News. S2CID Archived from the original on April 17, Retrieved September 14, Department of Transportation. Carnegie Mellon University. Archived from the original on May 4, Retrieved May 7, Departmental investigation into the structural failure of a cargo crane on the vessel LODZ 2 in the port of Melbourne. As a result, the main engine shut down automatically on a critical alarm condition. Vessel on a loaded passage in heavy weather suddenly experienced heavy leakage of stern tube lubricating oil from the forward gland into the engine room bilges Zip file Kb.

Zip File. August Responsible Parties under Charter Arrangements. Department of Homeland Security. United States Coast Guard. This checklist is compiled from analyzing deficiencies found by Port State Officers on various ships classified by some various classification societies.

Al the deficiencies have led to a ship being detained. Master and Chief Engineer are advised to use this checklist prior their ship entering a port. This will significantly reduce risk of the ship being detained.

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