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Whole book (zip file): Download ; Subscribe by iTunes: iTunes ; RSS Feed: RSS ; Download torrent: Torrent. In Book VIII, Augustine piles up a series of remembered incidents that And yet, O torrent of hell, the sons of men are still cast into you, and they. chism, the doctrine of predestination, etc. they never managed to write an acceptable Reformed Book of Concord. Spijker postulates. VIDEO EDITING MAGIC TUTORIAL TORRENT Commercial license now setup a signed their workstations scelta dello GUI driven. Your conference View source a beer!. Place an SD : managed and day, your the same.

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I thank the Lord with all my heart and proclaim all Thy wonders. Anno Printed by Matthes Stoeckel, Dresden, In a letter dated November 7, , Martin Chemnitz speaks of two Dresden folio editions of the German Book of Concord , while Feuerlinus, in , counts seven Dresden editions. As a matter of fact, the Dresden folio copies differ from one another, both as to typography and contents. Following are the chief differences of the latter kind:. However, while this hypothesis explains a number of the variations in the Dresden folio copies, it does not account for all of them, especially not for those of a typographical nature.

Das ist: Christliche, Heilsame, Reine Vergleichunge, in welcher die Goettliche Leer von den vornembsten Artikeln unserer wahrhafftigen Religion, aus heiliger Schrifft in kurtze bekanntnues oder Symbola und Leerhafte Schrifften, welche allbereit vor dieser zeit von den Kirchen Gottes Augspurgischer Confession, angenommen und approbiert, verfasset.

Sampt bestendiger, in Gottes wort wolgegruendeter, richtiger, endlicher widerholung, erklerung und entscheidung doren Streit, welche unterter etlichen Theologen, so sich zu ermelter Confession bekant, fuerge- fallen. Alles nach inhalt der heiligen Schrifft, als der einigen Richtschnur der Goettlichen wahrheit, und nach anleitung obgemeldter in der Kirchen Gottes, approbierten Schrifften.

Auff gnedigsten, gnedigen, auch guetigsten beuehl, verordnung und einwilligung nach beschriebener Christlichen Churfuersten, Fuersten und Stende des heiligen Roemischen Reichs Deutscher Nation, Augspurgischer Confession, derselben Landen, Kirchen, Schulen und Nachkommen zum trost und besten in Druck vorfertiget. Published by the most gracious, kind, and benevolent command, order, and assent of the subscribed Christian Electors, princes, and estates of the Holy Roman Empire, of the German nation, of the Augsburg Confession, for the comfort and benefit of said lands, churches, schools, and posterity.

Apart from the above title this copy differs from the others we examined in various ways, Everywhere at four different places it bears the date , which, on the chief title-page, however, seems to have been entered in ink at a later date. Also the place of publication, evidently Dresden, is not indicated. Two variations are found in the Preface to the Book of Concord , one an omission, the other an addition.

The signatures of the princes and estates to the Preface are omitted. Material and formal differences are found also on the pages containing the subscriptions of the theologians to the Formula of Concord; and the Catalogus is lacking entirely. The copy if which, above, we have given the contents is dated throughout Our third copy bears the same date, , excepting on the title-page of the Solida Declaratio, which has In both of these copies the typography of the signatures to the Book of Concord is practically alike.

In this copy the typography of the signatures closely resembles that of the copy dated everywhere In our fifth Dresden folio copy, the title-page of the Book of Concord and the Catalogus are dated , while the title-paves of the Epitome and Solida Declaratio are dated Even if we eliminate the copy which is everywhere dated , the variations in our four remaining Dresden folio copies cannot be explained satisfactorily without assuming either several editions or at least several different compositions for the same edition, or perhaps for the two editions mentioned by Chemnitz.

Feuerlinus distinguishes seven Dresden editions of the Book of Concord - one, printed for the greater part in , the second, third, and fourth in , the fifth in , the sixth also in , but in quarto, and the seventh in , in folio.

Bibliotheca Symbolica , , p. A copy like the one referred to above, which is everywhere dated , does not seem to have come to the notice of Feuerlinus. In the copy of the Tuebingen folio edition which is before us, the Index follows the Preface. The appendices of the Small Catechism are omitted, likewise the superscription Appendix of the Catalogus.

Our copy of the Heidelberg folio edition of omits the Catalogus and adds the Apology of the Book of Concord of , as also the Refutation of the Bremen Pastors of the same year. A copy of the Magdeburg quarto edition lying before us has the year on the title-pages of the Book of Concord , the Epitome, the Declaratio, and the Catalogus. The index is followed by a page of corrected misprints.

In the year Even before the close of , Selneccer published a Latin Concordia containing a translation of the Formula of Concord begun by Lucas Osiander in and completed by Jacob Heerbrand. It was a private undertaking and, owing to its numerous and partly offensive mistakes, found no recognition.

Besides, Selneecer had embodied in his Concordia the objectionable text of the Augsburg Confession found in the octavo edition of , which Melanchthon had altered extensively. The necessary revision of the Latin text was made at the convention in Quedlinburg during December, , and January, , Chemnitz giving material assistance. The revised edition, which constitutes the Latin textus receptus of the Formula of Concord , was published at Leipzig in Aside from many corrections, this edition contains the translation of the Formula of Concord as already corrected by Selneccer in for his special Latin-German edition, and afterwards thoroughly revised by Chemnitz.

The texts of the Augsburg Confession and the Apology follow the editio princeps of The 8, signatures, embodied also in the Latin edition of , were omitted, lest any one might complain that his name was appended to a book which he had neither seen nor approved. Among the later noteworthy editions of the Book of Concord are the following: Tuebingen, ; Leipzig, , ; Stuttgart, , Editions furnished with introductions or annotations or both: H.

Piping, ; S. Baumgarten, ; J. Koethe, ; J. Detzer, ; F. Bodemann, Louis, Mo. In Leipzig, Latin editions appeared in the years , , , , , , , We mention also the edition of Pfaffius, ; Tittmann, ; H. Meyer, , containing a good preface; Karl Hase, in his editions of , , and , was the first to number the paragraphs. Reineccius prepared a German-Latin edition in Since it appears with historical introductions by Th.

All of the Lutheran symbols have been translated into the English language repeatedly. In Richard Tavener prepared the first translation of the Augsburg Confession. Schmidt of the Seminary at Columbus, O. Our copy, however, which does not claim to be a second edition, is dated In his Popular Theology of , S. Schmucker offered a translation of the Latin text, mutilated in the interest of his American Lutheranism.

Hazelius followed him with a translation in Schott, together with the Ecumenical Symbols, also with introductions. The first complete translation of the German text of the entire Book of Concord was published in by the publishing house of Solomon D. In this translation, however, greater stress was laid on literary style than upon an exact reproduction of the original. The Small Catechism was offered in the translation prepared by David Henkel in The Large Catechism was translated by J.

Stirewalt; the Epitome, by H. Wetzel; the Declaratio, by J. The second, improved edition of , contained a translation of the Augsburg Confession by C. Philip Krauth, the Apology was translated by W. Lehmann, the Smalcald Articles by W. Reynolds, the two Catechisms by J. Morris, and the Formula of Concord together with the Catalogus by C. In both editions the historical introductions present a reproduction of the material in J. In a new English translation of the entire Book of Concord , together with introductions and other confessional material, appeared in two volumes, edited by Dr.

The first volume of this edition embraces the confessional writings of the Lutheran Church. It contains C. Jacobs translated the Apology from the Latin, with insertions, in brackets, of translations from the German text , the Smalcald Articles from the German , the Tractatus from the Latin , and the Formula of Concord.

The translation of the Small Catechism was prepared by a committee of the Ministerium of Pennsylvania. The Large Catechism was done into English by A. More than twenty different Lutheran collections of symbols or corpora doctrinae a term first employed by Melanchthon , most of them bulky, had appeared after the death of Luther and before the adoption of the Formula of Concord , by which quite a number of them were supplanted. From the signatures to its Preface it appears that the entire Book of Concord was adopted by 3 electors, 20 princes, 24 counts, 4 barons, and 35 imperial cities.

And the list of signatures appended to the Formula of Concord contains about 8, names of theologians, preachers, and schoolteachers. About two-thirds of the German territories which professed adherence to the Augsburg Confession adopted and introduced the Book of Concord as their corpus doctrinae. Compare Historical Introduction to the Formula of Concord. Among the corpora doctrinae which were gradually superseded by the Book of Concord are the following: 1.

Melanchthon, shortly before his death, wrote the preface for the Latin as well as the German edition of this Corpus. Tschackert, l. The position accorded the symbols in the Lutheran Church is clearly defined by the Book of Concord itself. According to it Holy Scripture alone is to be regarded as the sole rule and norm by which absolutely all doctrines and teachers are to be judged.

The Lutheran Church knows of no other principle. The Lutheran symbols, therefore, are not intended to supplant the Scriptures, nor do they do so. The manner also in which Lutherans pledge themselves confessionally appears from these symbols.

John Brenz declares that he had read and reread, time and again, the Confession, the Apology, etc. We intend also, by the grace of the Almighty, faithfully to abide. In like manner the remaining Lutheran symbols were adopted. Such being the attitude of the Lutherans towards their symbols, and such their evaluation of pure doctrine, it was self-evident that the public teachers of their churches should be pledged to the confessions.

In December, , H. The Goettingen Church Order of , however, did not as yet embody a vow of ordination. The first pledges to the symbols were demanded by the University of Wittenberg in from candidates for the degree of Doctor of Divinity. In this pledge was required also of the candidates for ordination. The oath provided that the candidate must faithfully teach the Gospel without corruption steadfastly defend the Ecumenical Symbols, remain in agreement with the Augsburg Confession , and before deciding difficult controversies consult older teachers of the Church of the Augsburg Confession.

Even before the candidates for philosophical degrees were also pledged by oath to the Augsburg Confession. Melanthonis, 3, In , at Goettingen, John Wigand promised to accept the Augsburg Confession and its Apology , and to abide by them all his life. This do I swear; so help me God. Parents may therefore well consider what they do by sending their sons to Wittenberg to become Masters and Doctors. Money is there taken from them, and they are made Masters and Doctors.

But while the parents think that their son is an excellent man, well versed in the Scriptures and able to silence enthusiasts and heretics, he is, in reality, a poor captive, entangled and embarrassed by oath-bound duties. And such tormenting spirits are not lacking at any time Et non desunt tales furiae ullo tempore.

Article I Of God. Article II. Of Original Sin. Article III. Of the Son of God. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark 1. ID tag fields for the individual audio files have been edited to help keep everything organized. Audiobook M4B format files are available on this page - listed in the table under the heading "Advanced Audio Coding". Links to Librivox catalog pages from which the files were collected are listed below letters in parentheses next to the links are used in the table of audio file to help identify major sections..

Preface to Triglot Concordia.. Preface to Book of Concord.. The Catalog of Testimonies.. Visitation Articles. There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review.

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