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If the user clicks the Forgot Password link, then the user is prompted to answer two of the previously enrolled questions. The attribute must be dedicated to SSPR. The next time the user logs in, the user will be prompted to enroll for SSPR again. ADC uses a certificate to encrypt the contents of the Attribute. The certificate should already be installed on the ADC. The same attribute can be used for both. However, you cannot use the same attribute for the OTP Secret field.

This list is configured in the file KBQuestions. Other than the Authentication checkbox, they are identical. The NoAuth server has Authentication unchecked. You can optionally configure an Email action to send the user a OTP before allowing the password reset. This section creates the following portion of the nFactor configuration:. This section creates the following snippet of the full nFactor configuration:. If you are using nFactor configuration with Citrix Gateway, then configure the Authentication Profile like normal.

Click Create. On the right, click Add. Select the previously created Action. On the left, in the Policies section, click the plus icon. Change the Choose Policy drop-down to Rewrite. Change the Choose Type drop-down to Response , and click Continue.

In the Select Policy field, click where it says Click to select. Click Bind. These SSL settings include:. Another option is to use Responder policies to perform the redirect. Create a dummy Load Balancing service. This dummy service can be bound to multiple Redirect Virtual Servers.

If you followed the previous section to import a. Sometimes you need to convert a. Or you can import a. This Intermediate Certificate then must be linked to the Server Certificate. You can replace the default management certificate with a new trusted management certificate.

So make sure the management certificate matches the DNS names of both nodes. This is easily doable using a Subject Alternative Name certificate. If you prefer to create a separate management certificate for each HA node, then see CTP George Spiers How to secure management access to NetScaler and create unique certificates in a highly available setup.

The Update Certificate button method is detailed below:. The manual Binding to Internal Services method is detailed below:. This section details how to disable HTTP. However, the certificate files must be stored somewhere on the appliance, and already be in PEM format. Citrix ADC has a Welcome! It appears automatically the first time you login.

There is no need to allocate a license file for these built-in licenses. Then allocate the additional Citrix Gateway Universal licenses at mycitrix. See the Health Check article for the latest firmware versions that resolve security vulnerabilities. ADC ADM can also schedule the firmware upgrade instead of doing it immediately.

ADM does a precheck to make sure there are no upgrade issues. Click Choose File , and browse to the build…tgz file. Click Upgrade. The firmware will upload. You should eventually see a System Upgrade window with text in it. Click Close when you see the line indicating that a reboot is required.

Go back to the System node. On the right, click the Reboot button. Click OK to reboot. After the reboot, after you login, you can see the firmware version by clicking your name on the top right of the browser window. Once the Secondary is done, login, go to System , and click the Migration button to start the zero downtime upgrade as detailed at Citrix Docs. This is a new feature in ADC Configure High Availability as soon as possible to ensure that almost all configurations are synchronized across the two appliances.

The synchronization exceptions are mainly network interface configurations e. High Availability will also sync files between the two appliances. If you are configuring a Citrix ADC MPX physical appliance , and if you plugged in multiple cables, and if more than one of those cables is configured on the switch for the same VLAN s , then you must bond the interfaces together by configuring a Port Channel.

You can also configure the Citrix ADC for switch-independent teaming. Channels can be configured so that a High Availability failover occurs when the Channel throughput drops below a configured value. For example, if you have four members in a Channel, you might want a High Availability failover to occur when two of the member interfaces fail.

Note: If the appliance is connected to both DMZ and internal, then be aware that this configuration essentially bypasses straddles the DMZ-to-internal firewall. A more secure approach is to have different appliances for internal and DMZ. However, moving the default route breaks traffic from the NSIP. Just make sure the switch has a native VLAN configured, or configure the interface as an access port. The Citrix ADC will, by default, store a few syslogs on the local appliance.

Call Home at Citrix Docs has information on how it work. Citrix collects the data to understand how the appliance works and how to improve the product. By default, Call Home sends the metrics once in every 7 days. For more information, see Call Home at Citrix Docs. Load balancing of LDAP servers is strongly recommended. But if you instead load balance your LDAP servers, the authentication attempt will only be sent to one of them.

Citrix ADC supports two factor authentication for management access. The technology is based on nFactor but works in all editions of ADC no licensing restrictions. Here are detailed configuration instructions for adding a second authentication factor to the management logon page.

Or you can do it manually:. If it says VPX, then you are logged into an instance. In other words, every SDX is completely standalone. You should now be able to connect to the LOM using a browser. Laptop method :. The LOM firmware for the series is different than the series and the series. Do not mix them up. For SDX firmware older than Use a laptop with crossover cable to reconfigure the IP.

The default IP address for XenServer is This is actually the XenServer Dom0 console. Once logged in to XenServer, run ssh Then when provisioning a VPX instance, connect it to the Channel. Admin profiles specify the nsroot user credentials for the instances. The default admin profile for an instance specifies a user name of nsroot , and the password is also nsroot. To specify a different nsroot password, create a new admin profile. Navigation The older For example, if a Load Balancing service goes down, you can receive an email alert.

Automatically backup all Citrix ADC instances. ADM can even transfer the backups to an external system, which is then backed up by a normal backup tool. Configuration Record and Play — Use the Configuration Recorder to configure one ADC appliance, and then push out the same configuration changes to additional appliances.

This is the easiest method of managing ADC appliances in multiple datacenters. The Cloud Service uses subscription licensing. Basically everything in the Infrastructure node is free. Beyond 30 Virtual Servers, licenses can be purchased in Virtual Server packs.

You can control assignment of licenses to Virtual Servers. ADC must be Or upgrade to Citrix Workspace app. Receiver for Mac must be Receiver for Linux must be 13 or newer. No mobile Receivers iOS, Android. See the Citrix Receiver Feature Matrix for the latest details. Advantages: no need to authenticate at Citrix Gateway, and no routing changes.

VDA 7. Workspace app or Receiver 4. Documentation at Configure high availability deployment at Citrix Docs, and will be detailed later in this post. Documentation at Configure disaster recovery for high availability at Citrix Docs, and will be detailed later in this post. Documentation at Configure multisite deployment at Citrix Docs, and will be detailed later in this post.

The first image should be the non-agent image. Extract the downloaded. Select all three files. Click Next. In the Select name and folder page, enter a name for the virtual machine, and select an inventory folder. Then click Next. In the Select a resource page, select a cluster or resource pool, and click Next. In the Review details page, click Next. In the Select storage page, select a datastore. Change the virtual disk format to Thin Provision.

In the Select networks page, choose a valid port group, and click Finish. In the Ready to Complete page, click Finish. Appliance Hardware Configuration Before powering on the appliance, you can review its hardware specs. Review the specs. You can add a second hard disk at this time.

Citrix Docs Attach an additional disk to Citrix ADM says that an additional disk must be added before initial deployment. Use the ADM storage calculator to determine the recommended size of the disk. Ask your Citrix Partner for the tool.

The new disk must be larger than GB. The new disk can be larger than 2 TB. If you need more than 2 TB, the initial disk should be larger than 2 TB. Power on the Virtual Machine. Configure IP address information. Enter 7 when done. Enter info to see that there are no existing partitions on the second disk. Enter create to create partitions on the second disk.

A reboot is required. During the reboot, the database is moved to the second disk. After the reboot, the Disk Partition Tool info command shows the partition on the second disk. If you need to increase the size of the disk, reboot the ADM appliance so it detects the larger size. Then use the Disk Partition Tool resize command. For the First Server Node prompt, enter yes. Enter yes to Restart the system. Latency to the HA node must not exceed 10 ms. The HA nodes must be on the same subnet. If you added a second disk to the first ADM appliance, then you must add the same size second disk to the second ADM appliance.

Enter no when prompted is this is First Server Node. Enter the nsroot password of the first node. The default password is nsroot. Enter a new Floating IP address. Enter yes to restart the system. In the Customer Identity page, you can login to Citrix Cloud, configure data sharing, or click Skip to do it later.

In the System Notifications page, you can configure Email notifications now, or click Skip and do it later. In the Done page, click Finish. It will take several minutes after booting before the ADM appliance is ready. The top of the screen has some banners.

If you want to make any network changes e. DNS servers to either node, then you must make those changes before you deploy the HA pair. Move your mouse over the left menu, expand Settings and click Administration. Click the back arrow to go back. Move your mouse to the left side of the screen, expand Settings , and then click Deployment. In the top right, click Deploy. Click Yes to reboot.

It takes around 10 minutes to restart. After deployment, you can now use the Floating IP to manage the appliance pair. Logging in might show you the Get Started wizard. Proceed through the wizard as described in the previous section. Move your mouse to the left menu, expand Settings , and click Deployment. Afterwards, you can manage High Availability. You can Force Failover from here. Note: HA failover only occurs after three minutes of no heartbeats. Standalone in the main datacenter is not supported.

Latency from the main datacenter HA pair to the DR node must not exceed ms. Ports and 22 open between the ADM nodes. Enter 2 for Remote Disaster Recovery Node. Enter the nsroot password, which is nsroot by default. You can change the password of the DR node by running the following command:. On the right, in the right column, click Disaster Recovery Settings. The Registered Recovery Node should already be filled in. Click Deploy DR Node. Click Yes to enable DR. A System Backup is performed and replicated to the DR appliance.

Click Close when done. The status of the DR node is displayed. You can click the Refresh icon on the top right to update the display. Disaster Recovery is not automatic. See the manual DR procedure at at Citrix Docs. Docs also shows how to fail back. Import the. Edit the settings of the virtual machine to see the allocated CPU and Memory.

Power on the ADM Agent virtual machine. Enter nsroot credentials. The Agent will be registered and services restarted. Enter a name and other location information. Make sure you enter the coordinates. Google can find coordinates for various locations.

If Longitude is West, then the value is negative. Click Create when done. Click Save to attach the Site to the Agent. Instead, run shutdown -r now. On the right, open the menu named Select Action , and click Profiles. Click the Add button to create an Admin Profile. Create a separate Admin Profile for each unique nsroot password.

In the bottom, make up some SNMP settings. You can do SNMP v3. On the right, select a tab e. MPX , and then click Add. The Add instance screen is the same as shown during the getting started wizard. To authenticate to the ADC using nsroot, select an existing Profile or create a new one.

If you have Sites or Agents, you can select one. Click OK when done. Tags: You can assign Tags to instances. See How to create tags and assign to instances at Citrix Docs. You can then search instances based on the Tags. Instance Authentication from ADM By default, when you click the blue link for one of the instances, ADM will do single sign-on to the instance using nsroot credentials.

This appears to be SNMP v2 only. If you need the communication to be http instead of https , then you can uncheck the box for Use global settings for SDX communication. Click OK to start discovery. After discovery is complete, switch to the VPX tab. You should automatically see the VPX instances.

It should start rediscovery automatically. The Licenses are stored and managed by Citrix ADM, which has a licensing framework that provides scalable and automated license provisioning. On the right, notice the Host ID. Then use the Browse button to upload the allocated license file. Click Finish after uploading the license file to apply it.

The License Expiry Information section shows you the number of installed licenses and when they expire. You can use the Notification Settings section at the bottom of the page to email you when licenses are almost fully consumed or about to expire.

Check the box next to Email and select a distribution list. Click Save when done. By default, Auto Licensed Virtual Servers is enabled. If you disable this setting, then the Configure License button appears. Click the Configure License button.

The top right shows you the number of licensed vs Entitled Virtual Servers. You can sort the Virtual Servers list by Type. Or use the search box to filter the list of Virtual Servers. The Licensed column shows you the Virtual Servers that are licensed. You can select a Licensed Virtual Server and Unlicense it. Select a Virtual Server you want to license, and then click the License button.

You can also Enable Analytics from here. You can only enable Analytics i. AppFlow on Virtual Servers that are licensed. On the right, switch to one of the instance type tabs e. Select an instance, open the Select Action menu, and click Configure Analytics.

Select one or more Virtual Servers. If they are not licensed, then click the License button. After licensing, select one or more Virtual Servers and then click the button labelled Enable Analytics. Different options are available for different types of Virtual Servers. Expand Advanced Options and select Citrix Gateway. Click Close when configuration is complete. Enable Analytics on more Virtual Servers. On the right, click Configure Modes.

Click OK. Scroll down to ICA port s and add and to the list. At the top, add 80 and to the Http Ports list. From Session Reliability on NetScaler High Availability Pair at Citrix Docs: Enabling this feature will result in increased bandwidth consumption, which is due to ICA compression being turned off by the feature, and the extra traffic between the primary and secondary nodes to keep them in sync.

You might want to verify that these bindings are actually configured. WAF Violations is under Security. On the right, select one of the tabs containing your ADC instance. On the right, select an instance, open the Select Action drop-down, and click Configure Syslog. At the top, check the Enable box. The Log Level should already be set to Custom with some boxes selected. Feel free to check other boxes while keeping in mind the disk space requirements. On the right, on the tab named Users , select the nsroot account, and click Edit.

Check the box next to Change Password and enter a new password. You can also specify a session timeout by checking the box next to Configure Session Timeout. If you have a. Browse to the. You can optionally encrypt the PEM key by selecting an Encoding Format and entering an encryption key. Scroll to the bottom of the list, right-click the new file, and click Download.

If the keyfile is encrypted, enter the password. Click Yes to reboot the system. Check the box next to Enable Session Timeout , and specify a value. If you want to force ADM users to login using non-nsroot credentials, then in check the bottom box for Prompt Credentials for Instance Login. Click Save. On the left, click the Message of the day tab. On the right, check the box next to Enable Message. Enter a message, and then click Save. Click the back arrow when done.

On the right, click the Protocol Settings section in the Edit Settings section on the right side of the screen. Then click OK. Click Yes when asked to confirm the restart. ADM can initiate a purge automatically as the database starts to get full.

The Instance page lets you configure how often the instances are backed up. You probably want to increase the number of instance backups, or decrease the backup interval. The backups are quite small e. There is an option to perform a backup whenever the ADC configuration is saved.

The Enable External Transfer checkbox lets you transfer the backups to an external system so it can be backed up by your backup tool. You can Restore a backup, Download the backup, or Transfer it to an external system. ICA Session Timeout can be configured by clicking the link.

This is configurable in ADM, by default it is set to 15 minutes. Adjusting these values could dramatically increase disk space consumption. On the right, click NTP Servers. Click Add. Enter an NTP server, and click Create. Click Yes to restart. Syslog This is for syslog entries generated by ADM server, and not for syslog entries generated by the instances. Enter the syslog server IP address, and select Log Levels. You can click Syslog Parameters to change the timezone and date format.

On the right, on the Email tab, click the button named Email Servers. In the breadcrumb, click Notifications. On the right, on the Email tab, and click Add. Enter information for a destination distribution list, and click Create. You can highlight a Distribution List and click the Test button. On the right, click Change Event Notification and Digest. Move notification categories e. UserLogin to the right.

Check the box next to Send Email. Select a notification distribution list. Then click Save. On the right, switch to the tab named LDAP. This is configured identically to ADC. Scroll down. Enter the bind account credentials. Check the box for Enable Change Password.

Click Retrieve Attributes , and scroll down. For Group Attribute , select memberOf. For Sub Attribute Name , select cn. To prevent unauthorized users from logging in, configure a Search Filter. If desired, configure Nested Group Extraction. On the right, click the tab named Groups. Move the admin Role to the right. The Configure User Session Timeout checkbox lets you configure a session timeout. On the Authorization Settings page, if you are delegating limited permissions, you can uncheck these boxes and delegate specific entities.

Click Create Group. In the Assign Users page, click Finish. On the top right, click the button named Settings. If desired, check the box next to Enable User Lockout , and configure the maximum logon attempts. Make sure Enable fallback local authentication is checked, and click OK. Enter a name. Use the Entity drop-down to select a category of alerts. Click Add Rule to select a metric and threshold.

With HDX as the Traffic Type, to add multiple rules for multiple Entity types, simply change the Entity drop-down before adding a new rule. If the Traffic Type is HDX, and the Entity drop-down is set to Users , on the bottom in the Configure Geo Details section, you can restrict the rule so it only fires for users for a specific geographical location.

In the Notification Settings section, check the box to Enable Threshold. Enter the starting and ending IP address. As you change the fields, the coordinates are automatically filled in. In the Certificate is expiring in days field, enter the number of days before expiration that you want to receive a notification. The default is 30 days. Check one of the boxes e. Email below How would you like to be notified.

Select a notification profile e. Mail Profile or Add one. Give the rule a name. Move Severity filters e. Major, Critical to the right by clicking the plus icon next to each Severity. While scrolling down, you can configure additional alert filters.

Leaving them blank will alert you for all categories, objects, and instances. Send e-mail Action. Select the recipients or click the Add button to add recipients. If you enter a Subject, you can check Prefix severity, category, and failure object information to the custom email subject. Emails can be repeated by selecting Repeat Email Notification until the event is cleared. Then click Create to finish creting the event rule.

On the right, click Configure Event Notification and Digest. Switch to the Event Digest page. Uncheck the box next to Disable Event Digest. Configure the other settings as desired, and click OK. This is only required for the Director integration. Director must be 7. Enter the Citrix ADM nsroot credentials.

Do this on both Director servers. On the top right, the gear icon above the table shows the Settings Panel. The Notifications tab lets you be notified when score thresholds are crossed. You can click the Circle Pack button to change to the Circle Pack view. The Instance Dashboard has tabs. Configuration Record and Play Use ADM to record a configuration change on one instance, and push the change to other instances. On the right, click Create Job.

Give the job a name. Change the Configuration Source drop-down to Record and Play. Change the Source Instance drop-down to the instance you want to record. Click Record. You might have to allow pop-ups in your browser. Make changes as desired. When done, go back to ADM, and click Stop. ADM retrieves the changed config.

Drag them to the right. On the right, you can change instance-specific values to variables by simply highlighting the values. This allows you to change the values for each instance you push this config to. Proceed through the rest of the Configuration Job wizard like normal. Analytics and Applications This functionality requires Virtual Server licenses, which can come from your built-in 30 free licenses. On the top right, click Manage Apps to add a custom group of Virtual Servers together into an application.

The grouped Virtual Servers are removed from the Others list. Click New Application. There are buttons at the top the page to view more info about the application. This feature displays the following details: Gateway connection failures due to failed EPA scans, failed authentication, failed SSON, or failed application launches.

If you are upgrading from MAS Then upgrade from ADM Upgrading the Active Node automatically upgrades the Passive Node. Browse to the build-mas The file name starts with build-mas Click Yes to reboot the appliance. After it says that ADM upgrade completed, login. The new firmware version can be seen by clicking your username in the top right corner. Create a new Directory with the same name as the Then double-click the new directory to open it.

Upload the file named build-mas This is the regular ADM upgrade file with a name starting with build-mas Enter the following. Replace the with the version number. From the ADM And it is different than the files to deploy a new Agent. Find it at the bottom of the downloads page. Upload the file named build-masagent An alternative migration method is to migrate one VIP at a time.

Notes: The new appliances must be connected to the same networks as the old appliances. If not, then the IP addresses need to change. If you migrate the entire configuration at once, then the SNIPs can also be migrated.

You can use temporary SNIPs to validate connectivity on the new appliances. Firmware versions can usually be different on the new appliances as compared to the old appliances. If the old appliances are See the rest of this article for details. Prepare new appliances by connecting them to the network and pairing them together. Export files e.

Export configuration from old appliance and modify the configuration for later import to the new appliances. During a brief outage window, disable the old appliances power off or disconnect , then run the config on the new appliances. Test the new appliances. If a problem is discovered, then you can roll back by disabling the new appliances and re-enable the old appliances. Configure new management IP Addresses in the virtual machine console.

Default gateway should be on the NSIP subnet. The default gateway will be changed to a data VLAN during the cutover. Install licenses on the new VPX appliances. Connect the physical SDX hardware to port channels or individual interfaces. New management IP address for each instance. Connect the physical MPX hardware to port channels or individual interfaces. Upgrade firmware to desired version. Install licenses on the new MPX appliances. Ensure you can SSH e.

NTP Sync needs to be disabled before you can run this command. Pair the two new appliances together. Do it on both nodes. For dedicated management subnet, configure PBRs. From CLI, run show ha node to confirm that there are no interfaces on which heartbeats are not seen. Remove temporary SNIP when done testing.

Add new pair to Citrix ADM. This is more likely to be needed when moving a Custom monitors e. Grant execute permission to the uploaded. Only download the non-built-in themes. On the new appliances, create Portal Themes with the same names and same template as the old appliances. Then upload the Portal Theme files to the new appliances and overwrite the default files. Try to redo these customizations as Portal Themes instead of uploading to the new appliances.

If this file contains customizations for the Gateway logon page, then try to redo them as a Portal Theme. After uploading this file to the new appliances, reboot the new appliances so the commands are executed. Or you can manually run rc. Or you can manually run nsafter. Edit set snmp mib command, if it exists.

Or you can adjust the commands for the new NSIPs. Before outage — Before the outage window, do the following on the old appliances: Backup the old appliances and download the backup files. SSH to the new primary appliance and run the batch command to run the commands in your modified configuration file. Some warnings can be ignored. You can use WinSCP to access the out file. Or cat it. After running the batch command, do the following to fix the imported configuration. Default Route — Remove extra Default Route, if any.

If there are two 0. Check it on both nodes. VIPs are UP? Portal Themes — Point your browser to the Citrix Gateway logon pages and verify Portal Themes customizations are correct. Check the Secure box. Change RPC password. Edit each profile. Scroll down to the SSL Ciphers section. All clients should be Citrix Workspace app. Health Check Overview Health Checks review an environment for configurations that might cause future problems, not necessarily existing problems.

Health Checks tend to focus on non-functional qualities like the following: Availability Security Manageability User Experience Performance Reliability The rest of this article is an incomplete list of health check assertions for Citrix environments. Separate test Citrix environment has identical architecture as production: multiple data centers, high availability for all components, etc.

The FQDN automatically fails over e. Someone is responsible for ensuring the certificate is not expired and receives pending certificate expiration notifications. StoreFront Servers If the StoreFront servers are on the same hypervisor cluster, then anti-affinity is configured to keep them on separate hypervisor hosts. StoreFront server VMs do no have any old snapshots — slows down performance, and consumes disk space. Upgrades are performed in a separate test environment that has identical architecture as production before the updates are performed in production.

The SSL certificates are not expired. If the FAS servers are on the same hypervisor cluster, then anti-affinity is configured to keep them on separate hypervisor hosts. FAS group policy. The Certificate Authority database is not excessively large.

Other templates e. Domain Controller removed. Logon Simulator runs periodically to verify that StoreFront is functional. StoreFront Disaster Recovery procedure is documented and tested. StoreFront Configuration Only one store.

Or every store but one is hidden — if multiple stores are advertised, then Workspace app will prompt the user to select a store. Each Delivery Controller farm is configured with two or more Delivery Controllers — for redundancy.

Prefer separate farms per data center instead of stretched single farms with zones across multiple data centers. Transport Type for Delivery Controllers is https , not http — this traffic includes user credentials. Receiver for Web Session Timeout is not too short for user experience or too long for security.

Session Reliability is enabled. Internal Beacon is only reachable internally. External Beacon does not include citrix. If the Delivery Controller servers are on the same hypervisor cluster, then ensure anti-affinity is configured to keep them on separate hypervisor hosts. Delivery Controller VMs do not have any old snapshots.

No other versions are supported — Citrix Product Matrix shows support dates. Delivery Controller Upgrades are performed in a separate test environment before performed in production. Citrix upgrades or updates are performed around twice per year. No SQL Express. For multiple data centers, prefer separate farms in each data center with local SQL. Royal Blood, "Trouble's Coming". The Shins, "New Slang". Ocean Grove, "Dream". Sir Sly, "Material Boy". Glass Animals, "Youth".

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Radical Face, "Ghost Towns" a. Fidlar, "Flake" a. Prism" a. Chet Faker, "Low" a. Grizzly Bear, "Two Weeks" a. Left Field Messiah, "Fuzz Machine" a. Kings of Leon, "Molly's Chambers" a. Phoenix, "Identical" a. The Kills, "Raise Me" a. Phantogram, "Into Happiness" a. Foals, "What Went Down" a.

Sports, "Never Know" a. Spoon, "The Book I Write" a. Michigander, "Let Down" a. Rivers Cuomo " a. The Man, "Holy Roller Hallelujah " a. Royal Blood, "Trouble's Coming" a. The Shins, "New Slang" a. Ocean Grove, "Dream" a. Sir Sly, "Material Boy" a. Glass Animals, "Youth" a. Jack White, "Connected By Love" 3 a. Beach House, "Take Care" a.

Jeremy Loops, "Down South" a. The Snuts, "Elephants" a. Bend Sinister, "Truth II" a. Alt-J, "Left Hand Free" a.

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