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eutorrents invite friends

[(invite needed)][inviteneeded]](#) - ChileBT - Cinecalidad - CinemaMovieS_ZT - CinemaZ (EuTorrents) - Cinemageddon - Cinematik - Classix - Coastal-Crew. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. (Rus). , people like this CinemaZ (EuTorrents) is a Private Torrent Tracker for FOREIGN NON-ASIAN MOVIES CinemaZ is the sister-site of ExoticaZ. SFARSITUL LUMII 2012 FILM DOWNLOAD TORRENT FILME This vulnerability want to per-client cursors Outlook on. It's the to display; any kind may vary. See the Several patches Google DoubleClick share your been applied.

Although Romanians seem to get themselves banned from every torrent site on the planet, they themselves have quite a few large private trackers including LastTorrents Open , ExtremeShare Open , TorrentBits Open , FileList.

Ro , iPlay , etc which all seem to be pretty successful and popular and these sites obviously welcome Romanian users with open arms. In other news, DigitalHive is currently open for signup. The site recently rolled out v2. It just shows how much private trackers have expanded in the recent past.

Sh is a brand new torrent tracker for all things food related. This question will be answered once you take a look at the quickly expanding torrent index of Deli. Running on the state of the art Gazelle RC2 codebase, Deli. Sh has been online in closed beta for several weeks. Today, the site has finally launched to the public and signups have been opened for a limited period of time.

Since Deli. Sh recruited some users early in the beta period, it had quite a few registered and active members by the time it went public. Sh currently tracks around active torrents. Some of these are packs and collections so the torrent count might not reflect the actual amount of content indexed here. Following screenshot which captures part of the torrent index might give you a better idea on the type of content indexed here:.

Simultaneous to the public launch, signups have been opened at Deli. An announcement posted on homepage reads:. The day is here. Many members have been asking for us to launch and allow new members in. We have decided that today will be the day.

We will be launching in little over an hour at GMT. Registrations will be open until our user cap is hit at 1. We are aware that there are some minor issues to be worked out. However, in our current situation we feel it is best to allow in new members. So get ready to welcome an influx of new deli. Judging by the rate of new registrations, you might want to hurry if you want to create an account here. Site Name : Deli. We are pleased to bring you yet another official private tracker invitation giveaway — this time around we will be giving away free invites to FileList.

With around a quarter a million members and a huge database of torrents. FileList is one of the largest private trackers in existence. It tracks all sorts of content including movies, video games, music, TV shows, documentaries, magazines, E-books and other general scene and non scene releases. In short, this is a tracker that can rival TorrentLeech which is considered by many as the king of private torrent sites , both in terms of content as well as member activity.

Please do not send any more emails as this giveaway has now concluded. Statistically speaking, FileList is actually larger than TorrentLeech. Thanks to somewhat strict ratio rules, the large user base has not resulted in heavy leeching and hit and run commonly seen on most other sites of similar scale. Majority of the releases on FileList. Ro are well seeded and even torrents uploaded months ago have pretty good download speeds. FileList has a large torrent index comprising of around active torrents.

The Docs section is actually similar to a mini E-learning tracker inside a general torrent site. As you might have guessed, FileList has a lot of exclusive releases and packs including a lot of game and movie packs that are unique to the tracker. To identify these releases, look for torrents ending with —FL tag. As mentioned in the title of this post, FileList. Naturally, we will be giving these invites away for free — and we will not be excepting insane ratio proof, speedtests, etc from you.

To request a FL invite, send us E-mail with the following format:. Any Emails that do not meet the above standards will be ignored. First valid requests will be forwarded to FileList. Ro administrators who will then send out the invites. Please allow days for your invite to arrive. Mafia 2, the game we have all been waiting for 10 long years, is finally here. A demo was made available several weeks prior to the official release of the game so avid gamers could try it out before buying.

If you thought the demo was good, just wait till you see the real thing. Anyways this post is not yet another Mafia 2 review — objective of this article is to provide some useful troubleshooting tips so that you can get the best of this game without annoyances. We have also included some guidelines on how to improve Mafia 2 performance, in case you have run into slow frame rate issues.

First things first. Mafia 2 is a heavily PhysX dependent game. Currently, the latest stable version of PSS is v9. You will also want to upgrade your current DirectX installation to the latest monthly build. You can download the latest monthly runtime from here. Some of you with even mid-high range video hardware might find slowness, stuttering and other framerate related issues while playing Mafia 2. Thankfully, there is one simple fix you can try to get a massive framerate boost without losing too much visual quality.

The game uses dynamic clothing realistic clothing simulation not only for the main character but for all NPCs as well. You can safely disable dynamic clothing for NPCs and keep it on for the main character only — this should greatly improve frame rate. Step by step instructions on how to apply the clothes fix may be found below:.

This will leave dynamic clothing on for the main character and revert to static clothing for NPCs. Improve Mafia 2 performance by removing particle effects. You can remove particle effects in a similar manner.

While this too will improve Mafia 2 performance, the loss of visual quality will be more noticeable than the clothes fix. Note : The performances fixes above were based on a similar solution devised for Mafia 2 Demo.

For a detailed account on how this works, refer to this article. I have seen folks reporting a lot of problems with the game on several gaming forums. These include random crashes, black screen errors, authentication error messages, control issues and so on. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that most of those had problems with the game were playing Mafia 2 copies leaked online with either beta or incomplete cracks. There are about 10 different modified executable for the game out there and some of these are very badly done.

If you are using a pirated version of Mafia 2, you may experience one or more of the following issues :. Only way past these barriers is to either buy the game or switch to a better pirated copy :D and please do not post links to torrents or cracks here — this is not a warez blog. Personally, I recommend buying the game as the developers clearly deserve the credit. Note that if you switch between different copies of the game different pirated copies or later switch to a legitimate copy after using a pirated version , you might have to create a new game.

Quoted from NFO of one of the releases out there:. Read our Private Trackers section for latest BitTorrent news. After being online for more than two years, StB has finally shut down, possibly for ever. Many existing members were no doubt surprised by the move, considering StB only recently rolled out v2 of the site, a massive overhaul to which quite a lot of effort was put into.

StB v2 was based on Gazelle and it truly was a well organized, great looking torrent site which had a lot of potential. The paragraph below explains the reasons for shut down — this was quoted from a post made by Reese on the temporary forums:. This week it became clear to me that STB will not be able to support its self and i can no longer put my own money into the site to keep it afloat.

So im sorry to announce that STB the tracker as we have known for the last 2 years is gone. Im sorry. I have created this forum to get feedback from some of our users that were very active at the site to see if there is any interest in keeping this forum online and building STB around a forum based community.. Please give me any feedback or ideas that you guys have.

The only thing I am ruling out is a Torrent Tracker since we have tried that and it did not work out. To read more on the launch of StB v2 and to see how this tracker looked when it was online, please refer to this article.

StB is not the only specialized mobile tracker to shut down in the recent past. Quite a few similar sites including Mobile. SceneLinks, PimpYourMobile , etc had closed down, indicating that BitTorrent is not so popular when it came to sharing mobile applications, games, themes, etc. DDL forums on the other hand have gained huge popularity in this niche. Anyways R. Microsoft recently released a beta refresh aka beta 2 of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 which included significant updates to almost all applications in the suite.

Microsoft promises faster connectivity, improved video chat and improved Facebook integration in this new build. Other applications too have been improved, for example with better facial recognition in Photo Gallery, support for larger uploads in Movie Maker, etc.

If you are looking for the full standalone, offline, redistributable installer of the latest Windows Live Suite, we have the download link below. This is good if you want to download selected applications and install them only once. Although not exposed to the public, Microsoft hosts a redistributable installer of the live suite on their download servers.

This includes all files required for the installation of full Windows Live Essentials suite on your PC and it can be used multiple times on multiple computers, even on those without an internet connection. Since the setup package includes all Live apps, it weighs around MB in file size — you can however select and install only the components you need during setup. Long time readers of this blog may remember the name iTN short for InspireThe. Although the site was off to a good start, it unfortunately shut down after a few months, citing bad financial situation and internal disputes among top ranking members.

Although the new version is dubbed iTN v2, this is a completely new project started under a different owner. Site has been rebuilt from scratch some similarities do exist between old iTN and v2, for example the ratio free bonus system based on total traffic. In addition, new iTN is armed with an automatic uploader bot and seems to be faster in indexing new torrents than its predecessor.

Dear members , after couple of long months ITN is back. Current staff and lots of users have put a lot of work to make iTN rise once again. We have prepared for you a lot of surprises and pleasures that you will know soon. The site is equipped with AutoUpload system that fills our site with scene torrents. But we have also our uploaders and dedicated encoder group. We hope you enjoy your stay on iTN.

If you have any questions or problems just join our main channel itn or if u need come to support. Staff is here to help you. In his E-mail, he promised several new features for the upcoming site, some of which are quoted below you can view the full article here :. Almost all of these promises have been upheld in v2 apart from one minor glitch. Anyways this is a non-issue, given the site has two fully functional visual styles.

However, clicking on either of these will show you the same list of torrents. At first, I though this was a mistake on the part of iTN coders but later I learned that this was indeed a feature. You can customize and map any specific category of torrents to the two browse buttons. For example, you can have browse 2 to open movies only while the first button showed all torrents. This can easily be set up from the profile page.

Just like the old site, iTN v2 remains to be a ratio free tracker — users do not have to maintain a minimum global upload:download ratio to survive here:. We don't have any kind of ratio system. We have total traffic system which means your upload and download amounts are counted as one. This definitely means the more you leech , seed and upload the more your position get better and higher. However, this does not mean you can hit and run on torrents.

You can convert upload traffic into points through the bonus shop and spend the points to unlock upgrades for your account. Some of the unlockable options such as the permanent 2X and 3X upload multipliers are actually pretty cool. Note that you can directly earn bonus points too - Seeding will generate bonus points at the rate of 0.

Idling on the IRC channel will generate 1. If you are wondering how to get into iTN, it is currently closed for signup. However, it does have official invites IRC channel open, through which you can request for a free invite. You will have to go through a short interview process and those who pass it will gain entry into this promising tracker.

Channel details are as follows — do as the channel topic says once you are in:. Server : irc. Special thanks to iTN staff for the support provided. Related Articles. Several weeks ago we posted an article on the launch of PTN v2, the latest major site overhaul of the popular ratio free movie torrent tracker. PTN v2 added lots of new features to the site, at the same time upgrading its visual styles to the next level.

However, the tracker was closed to the public at the time we made the post — potential new members who wanted to get a taste of the new user interface, enhancements and features had no way of getting in. If you were one of them, good news is that PTN has opened invite applications for the first time since v2 launch. They are clearly in a mode of recruitment and expansion which is a good thing. Quoted below is part of the news item posted on homepage:.

I just like to keep you all informed as to what is going on in our Pirate City. The Invite a Friend weekend is officially over. Well what a huge success it was and we would like to give all our new members a huge welcome to PtN and we hope your stay is an enjoyable one For those arriving late, we opened Invite Apps for a week, so get your friends over to the invite app page if you missed the invite last weekend, it will be open till Sunday night, then the doors shut for housekeeping after that.

It includes screenshots and a summarized list of new additions introduced in v2. In the meantime, you can apply for an invite by filling in the online application form. If your request is accepted, you will be invited in to the tracker by staff. During the current phase, invite apps will remain open till Sunday 22nd. We are sorry about the inconvenience. Some quick info for existing ScienceHD members and would be members.

From premium documentary series aired on The History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc to latest Sci-Fi entertainment series such as LOST, this tracker indexes quite a lot of torrents, most not found on other torrent sites. Coming back to the topic at hand, the full announcement regarding the IRC weekend is posted blow quoted from site homepage :.

It's time for another IRC Weekend! There'll be prizes, competitions, and cake! Here are the details:. We have literally millions of credits to give out over the weekend. Not only that, but we've decided to give out invitations and VIP slots as well! Some will be given out by us, but others will be left up to you to vote on! So save the date, and come hang out!

IRC channel details and the secret key for the channel can be obtained from the news post on ScienceHD homepage. If you seek more information on SHD, the nature of the content it tracks or screenshots, we suggest you read our previous reviews located here and here. On the other hand if you are seeking to becoming a new member, you can apply for an invite via the online invite application — use the link below more info on invite apps may be found here.

This tracker caused quite a stir back then for a number of reasons. Finally, The X was probably the only tracker to start off its operations with over torrents in the main index. Four months have now passed since the celebrated launch and SceneExpress has just reached yet another important milestone. Dear SeX Members! With SeX v1 pending, our coder has been working overtime making sure everything is ready.

Unfortunate for us but, great for our members, he got over excited and pre-released it for everyone to see! So, without any other choice v1 is now open.. Welcome to SeX v1!!! FileList Recommended. IPTorrents Recommended. Blutopia Recommended. Cinematik Recommended. HD-Torrents Recommended. TorrentDay Recommended. TorrentLeech Recommended. AlphaRatio Recommended. AudioNews Recommended. AvistaZ ex AsiaTorrents. Bezze T. BitSpyder Recommended. MyAnonaMouse Recommended. PornBits Recommended.

TranceTraffic Recommended. Efecto Doppler. ProAudioTorrents Recommended. Shazbat eX TVT. TorrenTech Recommended. CinemaZ ex EUTorrents. ClassiX Recommended. High Definition in Upxin. Nebulance ex TransmiTheNet. PsyReactor DDL. World Boxing Video Archive. Anime No Sekai. Audio Video Games. Boxing Torrents. Brasil Tracker. Cryptic Haven Comedy Club. Great Poster Wall. HD Dolby. Insane Tracker. Keep Friends. Le Saloon v Mephisto MTeam.

Microbit qBit. MilitaryZone DDL.

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