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night court season 3 torrent

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October 26, May 2, September 28, September 18, May 13, Reinhold Weege. Note : This is Gail Strickland's only episode as a cast member. January 11, Lana learns that Harry has a criminal record when she tries to find out his age to settle a bet. Note : Terry Kiser makes his first appearance as sleazy reporter Al Craven. Barney Martin also appears in this episode. A woman who claims to be Harry's long lost mother Janis Paige and a beauty pageant operator appear before the court.

The others try to pull Bull out of the dumps when he's turned down by a charitable organization because his size and appearance are intimidating to others. February 15, Things are thrown into an uproar when Harry receives a threat via a rock thrown through the window and a bomb is discovered in the courtroom. A hooker develops a crush on Harry and Dan loses a city council position to a dead man. Colleary , Chris Cluess and Stuart Kreisman.

February 29, Note : The end credits have a different background for this episode. March 7, Lana disrupts the proceedings after taking a powerful cold medicine. March 14, This is Karen Austin's final appearance on the show, though she will continue to be listed in the opening credits through the end of the season. March 21, Note : Karen Austin does not appear in this episode.

This is the first episode to have an evil laugh on Starry Night Productions logo. March 28, The courtroom crew try to help Bull when a neighbor leaves her baby with him. Howard appears as court clerk Charley Tracy. Gary Shimokawa. This is Paula Kelly's last episode as a cast member. Note : Charles Robinson joins the cast as court clerk Mac Robinson. The unnamed temporary public defender played by Sharon Barr is not seen again.

October 4, Note : Markie Post , in her first ever appearance on the show, appears in a one-episode guest stint as public defender Christine Sullivan; she would join the cast permanently at the beginning of the third season. This episode was originally recorded with Shelley Hack as the new public defender, but it was decided she was not right for the part and it was re-recorded with Markie Post.

October 18, Note : Ellen Foley joins the cast as Billie Young. October 25, The courtroom becomes a circus when a meek little fellow chooses Harry to decide what worthy person will receive the money from his winning lottery ticket. Jim Drake. November 1, A precocious, yet ill-mannered computer whiz barricades himself in Harry's office and threatens to wipe out all his school's records.

November 8, Bull is finally allowed a foster son by a volunteer-fathers organization, but he winds up with a bit of a surprise when he learns the kid is really a girl Pamela Adlon , credited as "Pamela Segall" posing as a boy to help out her single mother. November 15, Note : Ray Walston guest stars. November 22, Harry feels a lot of official pressure when a notorious madame with a hot diary comes before his bench; Bull tries to save Mac's turkey from getting killed for Thanksgiving.

November 29, Note : John Astin guest stars as a hospital patient named Kenny; he would later have a recurring role as Harry's father Buddy Ryan. December 6, A blizzard traps everyone in the courthouse and Dan in an elevator with a gay man Jack Riley who confessed his love for him after a trial involving his pet dog. December 13, Note : Michael Richards appears in this episode as a man who believes he is invisible.

January 3, When Billie takes Harry back to her place after celebrating his birthday, the duo's plans for romance are disrupted by an insecure intruder. January 10, Dan's past is revealed when the parents John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan , married actors in real life he told everyone were dead come from Louisiana to visit their successful "sonny boy". January 17, Note : This was initially scheduled to be the second episode of the season, but was postponed and was instead aired well out of sequence.

Ellen Foley does not appear in this episode and is also missing from the opening credits; her character of Billie is not mentioned, and no explanation is given for her absence. Deborah Harmon appears as overeager idealistic newly-assigned public defender Sue Harper. James Cromwell and Kevin Peter Hall guest star as two members of a group of escapees from a mental home who wind up in court for not paying their taxi fare.

January 24, Selma's old beau Jack Gilford wants to rekindle their romance and take care of her, and a substitute judge Phil Leeds isn't what he's cracked up to be. January 31, Harry uses a little hocus-pocus to convince Bull he's cured of a curse on the court made by a disgruntled plaintiff, a powerful gypsy Erica Yohn. February 7, Bull quits his job in frustration and becomes a professional wrestler. Note : Lou Ferrigno guest stars.

February 14, Billie's new boyfriend turns out to be a professional problem for her, despite his romantic accomplishments. February 21, Note : William Utay's first appearance as Phil Sanders the bum. February 28, Note : Selma Diamond does not appear in this episode. Note : This is the final appearance of Selma Diamond on the show before her death on May 13, This is the final appearance of Ellen Foley on the show.

The episode ends with a brief tribute to Selma Diamond. October 3, A man charged with stealing electronic parts takes Dan hostage and demands the rest of the parts he needs to communicate with his home planet of Saturn. October 17, Christine's father Eugene Roche has his first date in eight years and ends up in court, charged with soliciting a prostitute Estelle Harris ; Harry also must deal with the tenants of a clothing-optional building. October 24, Mac tries to hide Quon Le from his prejudiced grandfather, who's going to loan Mac the money he needs to open a restaurant.

October 31, Harry falls hook, line and sinker for a beautiful woman, Mary Margaret Humes who turns out to be a real witch. Anne Ramsey , best known for her role in the film Throw Momma from the Train , appears as another member of the coven.

November 7, Dan freaks out when his old friend from high school, Chip, comes to visit Meanwhile, the rest of the staff try to explain to Bull what transsexuality is. November 14, November 28, Harry tries to free a rock star literally imprisoned by his overly solicitous entourage. Note : Markie Post 's real-life husband, Michael A. Ross, portrays Eddie Devon in this episode. December 5, Everyone is in a financial crisis when the city can't pay its employees, Harry has to evict a woman and son from a sleazy hotel, and a homeless couple from West Virginia the picaresque Wheelers, played by Brent Spiner and Annie O'Donnell tells their tale of woe.

The Wheelers appear in several future episodes. December 12, Things go from bad to worse, when Harry learns that the son from the previous case was shot in a robbery, and he resigns as judge. December 19, Bull gets a new girlfriend, but the rest of the staff recognizes her as a gold-digging prostitute who's been in and out of court and jail many times.

However, when Bull finds out and confronts Renee about it, his pity on her causes Renee to have an emotional meltdown. Meanwhile, Dan has a date with a dominatrix, but his injuries from Bull's rampage put a dent in his plans. January 9, Dan takes a job as a paid escort for a wealthy, lonely woman Barbara Cason who expects a lot for her money, and Yakov appeals to Harry for help when his wife is arrested on a visit to the U.

January 16, A burned-out older judge Jeff Corey brought in to substitute for Harry exhibits bizarre behavior: he issues a bench arrest for the Rockettes , imprisons Dan and Mac for contempt, and appoints Florence and Phil Will Utay as the defending and prosecuting attorneys. January 23, Harry takes pity on the building shoeshine boy Bumper Robinson , who seeks refuge from a social worker trying to place him in another foster home. January 30, Harry throws a surprise birthday for Dan whose date is extremely anxious to be home by midnight.

John Larroquette. February 6, February 20, Christine decides to quit after she's mugged in the cafeteria, but the mugger takes her hostage in the courtroom before she can leave. February 27, Harry decides to help his idol, a down-and-out magician, who goes on to help himself to Harry's possessions. March 6, Bull tries to save a baby orangutan from animal-research experiments. March 13, The staff tries everything they can think of to postpone Florence's involuntary but mandatory retirement.

May 1, The courtroom becomes a delivery room when Hurricane Mel traps four pregnant women. The four pregnant defendants give birth as the hurricane continues. Harry's distracted from a courtroom full of ventriloquists and their dummies by the delivery of a letter from his mother, mailed fifteen years earlier. October 9, Christine tries to get out of Dan's demand to sleep with her after Dan saves Christine from choking to death on her lunch.

October 16, Bull tries his hand at writing a children's story for a contest, but when one of the judges personally appears to criticize how disturbing and violent it is, Bull becomes upset. Linwood Boomer. October 30, Night Court was preempted by the fifth game of the World Series on October 23, November 6, Dan refuses to admit his surgery has weakened him and he overexerts himself into a coma. November 13, After Dan falls into a coma, his friends maintain a bedside vigil and reminisce about the good times they've had.

November 20, Dan makes a friend out of a substituting judge until he realizes the man is trying to bribe him, and his friends talk him into wearing a wire to entrap the man. November 27, Harry returns and finds a lovely woman substituting on the bench for him, who likes him a lot and jails Christine for mouthing off about perceived mistreatment of a client.

December 4, A mild earthquake traps Dan and Roz and two wrestlers in an elevator. Meanwhile Harry has to deal with three kids who are spitting images for Dan, Christine, and Harry himself. December 11, Harry tries to prevent the forced marriage of a Polynesian princess while her brother auctions off Christine. December 18, Harry deals sympathetically with an escaped felon whose only wish is to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square to celebrate his 42nd wedding anniversary.

January 8, Harry has to deal with a woman who confesses to him that she killed her husband that morning, a detective who can't get used to working without his partner and a morose Dan who was rejected as a sperm bank donor. January 15, Mac goes on a drunken spree in a cowboy bar after Quon Le spends them into bankruptcy and then announces her pregnancy. January 29, Harry scoffs when Christine announces her engagement. February 5, Harry must judge all his cases by midnight.

February 12, The gang searches for a dog that saved Harry from a fire but has bitten Dan and may have given him rabies. February 19, Harry and Dan compete to take Christine's hot friend away to a romantic weekend getaway. Guest appearance by Mel Torme. Harry Anderson and Howard Ritter. February 26, Christine's new boss Michael Gross sexually harasses her. Meanwhile, Dan meets his match in a woman Teresa Ganzel who has sworn herself to celibacy.

March 18, After a smart-mouthed kid claims to be his son, Dan is served with a paternity suit. March 25, Note : Conchata Ferrell appears in this episode. April 29, Dan thinks he will become a new judge, but Christine is awarded the position. However, Harry discovers that his name is not on the judge reappointment list.

Meanwhile the Wheelers, the hick couple from Yugoslavia, become the proprietors of the concession stand. Upon learning that he will not be reappointed as a judge, Harry disappears to perform an outrageous stunt. But he doesn't realize that Christine, who has taken over the night court, has gotten his job back.

Christine nervously takes the bench as Dan and Mac try to cover for the newly reinstated Harry, who's planning the greatest gag of all time. September 24, While preparing to attempt his outrageous stunt, Harry talks to and saves the life of a suicidal man.

October 15, Bull decides to give away all his worldly goods after hearing God's voice when he's struck by lightning on the roof of the courthouse. October 22, Christine and Roz visit a male strip joint to do some female bonding, but Harry and the guys show up just as the show gets going.

October 29, On Halloween, Harry traps himself inside a safe while practicing a magic trick and Dan is pursued by a little devil who seems to know all about him. November 12, An old friend who saved his life in Vietnam David Graf asks Mac to lose his court records and a Japanese man Keye Luke about to be honored by the governor dies while in custody.

November 19, Dan's boss, Vincent Daniels, orders Dan to look out for Daniels' very sexy visiting niece, Kitty Teri Hatcher while Harry tries to prevent a TV hero of yesteryear from committing suicide after being taken to court over an order to not wear his costume or act like his character because of a movie adaptation. November 26, Harry hires a blind assistant Elayne Boosler whose abrasive sense of humor puts everyone on edge and Dan struggles with impotence when he meets a seductive prospective employer.

December 3, Harry tries to talk sense to Roz, a recently diagnosed diabetic who's convinced her life is over, and handle a desperate man holding an original draft of the Constitution hostage in the courtroom. December 10, A man threatens to burn a draft of the Constitution and Roz wanders the building after overdosing on insulin.

December 17, A blizzard traps everyone inside the courthouse and cancels holiday plans, including a visit from Bull's mother, the skipper of a garbage scow. January 7, Dan frantically tries to rid himself of a briefcase containing a time bomb that a crazed man has handcuffed to his wrist while Joy demands that Bull treat her as he would a sighted woman.

Also, Dan's real name is revealed to the staff. January 14, Christine's father makes plans to retire to Florida, but winds up living with her and hanging out with Dan. January 21, But will she find him so charming when her memory returns? Stone always finds his cases a little bit silly, but it's up for debate whether his motley crew of staff or the criminals for whom he dispenses justice are more bizarre.

Enjoy the law and disorder that made this hilarious '80s sitcom one of the top shows of its time. I love this show. Wacky and heartfelt, the cast play their parts pitch perfectly. Wether sex crazed Dan or good hearted Bull or even repressed goody two shoes Christine, everyone is just incredibly cast. And Harry is a wise beyond his years, hiding it with youthful childishness. All in the best ways possible. Plus Mac and Roz are played as though they were playing themselves.

Everyone did. Great show. One of my all time favorite shows. Once seeing this show you hooked gotta love it. My stepfather may he rest in peace use to watch it all the time.

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