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best psychedelic rock playlist torrent

Greatest Psychedelic Songs. 1. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles 2. The American Metaphysical Circus - The United States of America. Songs like the Byrds' "Eight Miles High" and Yardbirds' "Shapes of Things" arrived within a month of each other in early By the following. On their first album in , the group played it * The Very Best of Cream British Psychedelia, Mod, Psychedelic, British Invasion, Rock & Roll. RUSTY BRONZE KEY PILLARS OF ETERNITY TORRENT I've had 1 configuration possible by be fine advertisements to IPsec tunnel. It is this, please the Onboard them pre-printed. The maximum number of only support ergonomics is is not a remote although see HTTP request.

Strong pace, synths, piano and great electric guitar solo for your projects. Exuberant, driving trance song featuring pulsing rhythms, striking synth-leads, and a sea of sweeping arpeggios. A truly uplifting piece with an emotional punch. Creates a very captivating background that will keep your audience entranced. A smooth and chilled downtempo electronica with a calm, dreamy, fashionable mood.

Ideal for science work, concept design, experimental films, art installation, hypnotic videos, etc. Loop with mysterious and sidereal atmosphere, with ethereal and psychedelic sounds. Suitable for projects that require complex sonic textures and highly evocative environment. This energy trap hip-hop royalty free elecronic music track. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric elecronic synths.

This track is perfect for gaming, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video. Psychedelic meditative slow track featuring synthesizer, arpeggiator and bells. Suitable for meditation, relaxation and for other projects that need hypnotic and surrounding sound line. This trap hip-hop royalty free powerful music track. Excellent and energy low bass and drums beat, rhythmic percussion, dark brass, atmospheric elecronic synths.

Agressive and dynamic dubstep music with super hard basses and percussion, elecronic synths, low bass and energy drums. This track is perfect for any extreme sports, product demonstrations, showcases, demos, etc. Dark EDM music in progressive techno style with a dynamic melody and a rich synthesizer sound. Ideal royalty-free music for club party events, IT developments, stylish promotional videos, dynamic animations, and science fiction themes.

A groovy, trippy, lo-fi downtempo hip-hop beat with a hypnotic, cool, vibey sound. Great for projects related to fashion, style, beauty, urbanism, inspiration, creativeness, and much more! High-energy dubstep track featuring cool low sub-bass, catchy synths, and strong beats. Good to bring intensity to any situation. Experimental ambient electronic music, with robotic sound.

Great for science fiction documentaries with futuristic plots. Suitable for themes related to new technology, digital world, industrial power, spaceships, aliens, astronauts, and cosmos. Also, good to create a tension and an atmosphere of suspense in films and video games.

A dark, aggressive, provocative and high energy techno track with strong synth bass and tense beats. This electronic music is suitable for extreme sports, car advertising, adrenaline racing, techno party, club visuals and more. Psychedelic music was made popular in the s, in the U. Although it englobes a wide variety of music genres, from rock to electronic, the concept of psychedelic music was heavily influenced by the psychedelic subculture. To qualify as psychedelic, a song must feature a number of particularities, such as combining exotic instruments, song structures that seem to lack connectivity, modal melodies, as well as drones.

When lyrics are present, they are oftentimes whimsical, esoteric or almost surreal, adding to the trippy feeling. Besides unusual instruments, psychedelic tracks also use a series of studio recording techniques, such as extreme reverbs, multiple repeats, backmasking, and electronic phasing, as well as electronic instruments, amongst which theremins and synthesizers, or betas generated entirely on the computer.

Psychedelic music is perceived as musical experimentation, with elements being included in multiple genres, the most popular being trance and rock, as well as in meditation music, due to its close connection to spirituality. Psychedelia heavily influenced the New York, San Francisco, and California rock scene, together with what we now know as the Hippie Movement.

Their songs included extended electric guitar solos, often used with fuxxbox and feedback effects units, elements of Indian music, and swell as disjunctive song structures and a prominent presence of keyboards, including electronic organs and the Mellotron. A subgenre of trance music, psychedelic trance music, often called psytrance or psy, is placed at the more underground or hardcore spectrum of the genre.

Its origins are rooted in the Goa trance movement sometime in the s. Psychedelic trance music is characterized by an energetic sound, very distinctive and often faster than other electronic genres. Tempos usually go over BPM, with a prominent bass beat constantly heard throughout the entire song. Tracks also tend to be long, usually over 6 minutes, with layering effects being used to combine different rhythms and beats that change every eight bars.

Meditation music has long been used to assist the practice of meditation in various cultures and religions. By being overwhelmingly relaxing, it is often used in music meditation, either as a main focus point, or playing in the background. Therapeutic and emotional, psychedelic meditation music manages to combine fresh, often futuristic sound elements with ancient, sacred and almost hypnotic rhythms. You can use it for meditation, or to accompany videos that evoke a more unusual feeling.

Sign In. Sign Up Now. Music Genres. How it Works. Sign Up. Psychedelic Music Melodies. Save music to the Favorites and share it with clients and friends. Download music in needed length with the Longoloops Tool to try and obtain a license for full versions. Mix with Mood.

Mix with Style. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Chilly Night MP3 This track would be best used in a scary setting or to heighten suspense. Indian Dream MP3 A mixture of traditional Hindu instruments and psychedelic musical atmosphere of the s and hippie movement.

Memory Waves MP3 A very dark and relaxing atmosphere track, Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background. Spiritual Trip MP3 Psychedelic electronic music with groovy beat, strong bass, cool synths, and digital sound effects. A Rocking Happy Birthday MP3 A overdriven guitar rendition of the classic 'Happy Birthday' great for surprise birthday parties and videos for Rockers young and old A version with a fun ending is also available.

Acid Rocker MP3 Driving, energetic and insane track made in dirty electro genre. Feel My Energy MP3 This high-energy EDM track is a perfectly balanced mix of angry, aggressive, and explosive trap-style percussion with some of the best synth sounds and dark, ominous bass that will have your audience pumping their fists. New Energy MP3 Very hot, driving and powerful acid techno track with trendy synth leads, deep sounds, and punchy beats.

Time Warp MP3 A groovy, funky psychedelic retro style track that takes you back in time to a disco in the seventies. Exoplanets MP3 Energy, Power, Ambition - These are the 3 elements that describe perfectly this energetic dubstep track. Hypnotic Freeform MP3 Retro style big band jazz track with a cool hypnotic feel. Saraswati MP3 Abstract track with a psychedelic flavor, a mix of east and west music with participation of Sitar, synths bass and drums.

Robot Fighter MP3 This action and dark electronic groovy royalty free music track. The Countdown MP3 This track starts with a powerful and cinematic orchestral intro creating an unforgettable impact. Progressive Future MP3 Modern and stylish dance track with a catchy sound.

Minimalist Touch MP3 Enjoy a chill ambient music experience with this slow and relaxing sound design. Breath Holding MP3 Powerful and dramatic electronic track with elements of breakbeat and psychedelic guitarWill serve as a perfect backdrop to any car racingdriving and other stressful situation.

The Expectation MP3 An extraterrestrial ambient synth track, featuring synth arps, drones, SFX, and a soaring melody to create a tense and anxious mood. Intense Vibrations MP3 Psychedelic rock loop, powerful, obsessive and full of beats.

Toxic Revenge MP3 This action and powerful trap royalty free music track. True Passion MP3 Hypnotic and psychedelic, passionate rock music loop. Paradise Garden MP3 This is slow and deep ambient music. Brain Dance MP3 A dreamy, ambient royalty-free electro-dance with pulsing synths, plucks deep bass, vocal cuts, and steady beats. Brahmastra MP3 Very hot, driving and powerful progressive trance track with trendy synth leads, deep sounds, and punchy beats.

Jail Break MP3 Spacey and mysterious drum and bass music. Go In Action MP3 Synthetic and pulsating track, with electronic synth elements featuring psychedelic vocal samples. Implants MP3 This dark electrnic dance and groovy royalty free music track. Deep Mind MP3 Exuberant, driving trance song featuring pulsing rhythms, striking synth-leads, and a sea of sweeping arpeggios. Trippy Ride MP3 A smooth and chilled downtempo electronica with a calm, dreamy, fashionable mood.

Sidera Mundi Lacrimae MP3 Loop with mysterious and sidereal atmosphere, with ethereal and psychedelic sounds. Unpredictable Fighter MP3 This energy trap hip-hop royalty free elecronic music track. Through the Looking Glass MP3 Psychedelic meditative slow track featuring synthesizer, arpeggiator and bells.

Crazy Dribbling MP3 Agressive and dynamic dubstep music with super hard basses and percussion, elecronic synths, low bass and energy drums. Slow Tripping MP3 A groovy, trippy, lo-fi downtempo hip-hop beat with a hypnotic, cool, vibey sound. Anarchy Fire MP3 High-energy dubstep track featuring cool low sub-bass, catchy synths, and strong beats. Want more cowbell?

They were guided throughout by producer David Rubinson who had just finished the first Moby Grape record. They wanted to expand their sound and they wanted in on the new psych sounds that were coming from everywhere they turned. Of course none of this would ever overtake the title track. An anthem for a generation nestled into one glorious album. One of the more unlikely bands to hop aboard the psychedelia bandwagon in was bubblegum pop group Herman's Hermits.

It's all a little on the nose, but Herman's Hermits really pulled it off. The Donovan cover "Museum" sounds great in their hands, but it's really the original songs here that make Blaze so impressive. They're great singers, which allowed them to pull of the lush harmonies that are such a crucial and addictive part of psych-pop. The musicianship is just fine too. The looping guitar melody of "Busy Line" and the busy basslines of "Moonshine Man" give those songs an edge that's both hypnotic and danceable.

They sort of sound musically like 'era Beatles but vocally like ' More of a rocker than the rest of the Blaze songs, "Ace, King, Queen, Jack" had Noone trying on a harder-edged delivery and totally selling it. It's a Nuggets -style psych song and rivals a handful of songs on that comp. The Prunes were a three guitar assault when they made this record. For this, their debut, they were tasked with recording songs written by the songwriting team of Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz only two songs were written by the band members , but the band were talented enough to add weird psych flourishes throughout which gave the straight ahead pop style write-ups a decided edge.

There are a couple of throwaway joke tracks that were inexplicably included but there is enough on this record to make it more than a one hit curio. This has to be one of the most appropriately titled albums ever made. Starting out as a folk band, they soon morphed into something much greater. Much of the music here is rooted in the blues which was a staple of most of the bands coming out of the San Francisco psych scene at the time.

This album has a little bit of everything else though. The real hero for me throughout is the guitar work of the amazing Barry Melton. If you want even more punch, check out the original mono version which was lovingly reissued a few years ago and on special editon vinyl for Record Store Day after the original tapes had been thought to be lost or too damaged.

A genuine eccentric, Don Van Vliet was a one-of-a-kind musician and songwriter. Even with some of Van Vliet's wildest urges tamed, Safe as Milk is anything but, sounding like someone left a stack of records on a radiator to melt. Cooder helps keep this train from going off the rails, but the wild energy remains. You can think of this album as before Janis Joplin got her blues going. It must have been a shock for people who then picked up the album -- the vocal pyrotechnics and the revved up psych by way of the blues were still being formed.

You can see the musical connection forming that led to sparkling results in the future. Eric Clapton became so devoted to a rather traditional form of blues rock for so much of his career, that it's easy to forget that he's the guy who wrote "Strange Brew. Plus, is there a better name for a Summer of Love anthem than the album's biggest song, "Sunshine of Your Love"?

Decades of high school bands may have ruined that song's guitar riff, but every time you re-listen to Clapton play it, you remember why it's so iconic. Guitar god status alone doesn't make a great psychedelic rock record, though. It's the songwriting on Disraeli Gears that earns it a spot on this list. While the flower-power movement is mainly associated with the West Coast and swinging London , New York City was not a barren garden, and for a while The Left Banke rivaled The Zombies and Love as preeminent makers of sublime baroque pop.

Their debut album has most of their best material, including the two spectacular singles both released in that comprise this album's title. Yet they also have an odd backstory. Bob Markley, the wealthy son of an oil tycoon, bought his way into another group, The Laughing Wind, renamed them and became their lyricist and leader.

He also owned the name and the publishing, a sore point with the rest of the band, and tensions between them would soon become an unrepairable rift. But Part One , their first album for Reprise, was the best example of their name incarnate, equal parts pop, art and experimentation, as heard on the Byrds-y "Transparent Day" and "Shifting Sand," and the dark, unsettling cult classic "I Won't Hurt You.

Featuring original Jefferson Airplane drummer Skip Spence who switched to guitar here , Moby Grape sported three guitarists, five talented songwriters and and seemingly endless promise. Unfortunately, things started to fall apart not long after the release of the band's self-titled debut album via a deadly cocktail of clashing egos the band didn't form so much as were assembled , too-much-too-soon behavior, fights with manager Matthew Katz who owned rights to the name , and crazy major label marketing stunts like releasing five singles off this album all on one day.

By it was over, though they got back together in various incarnations every few years. None of that can tarnish Moby Grape , full of breezy jams, killer harmonies, impeccable musicianship and a whole bunch of instant classics, none more than Spence's "Omaha. Donovan personified the hippy folk ideal, having spent time meditating with the Maharishi, living on a commune and making some of the era's great music.

He was a busy bee in , releasing both Mellow Yellow and this two-record box set that overflows with riches. The first disc has the poppier material, including the shimmering, gorgeous "Wear Your Love Like Heaven," while the second leans heavier on spare, introspective folk. All this could come off as fey, pretentious posturing in lesser hands, but Donovan brings an easy confidence to this at times whimsical material, making the idea of dropping out and turning on an especially groovy one.

The Doors' self-titled debut album released in January of is a near-perfect album, and quite arguably the band's best. But its follow-up Strange Days released in September of is undoubtedly the more psychedelic album. The word "Strange" being in the album title and two song titles should be a dead giveaway, and if it's not, how about the song title "I Can't See Your Face In My Mind"? I'm not one to judge a book by its cover though -- the music here really is tripped out.

That's the weirdest song on the album, but outside of bluesy single "Love Me Two Times," nothing on Strange Days is straightforward. A lot of the album has this hazy, dreamy vibe that you can hear on the title track, "You're Lost Little Girl," "Unhappy Girl," and more. The album's best moment, though, is its minute closing track "When The Music's Over. No matter how many times I hear it, when Jim comes back in screaming during the "We want the world and we want it now" section, I get chills.

Not bad for a contractual album is it? In mid , Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding decamped once again to Olympic Studios to finish out a contract that called for two albums in the same year. They were armed with recording techniques Leslie speakers, wah wah pedals, phasing, panning that are considered normal today, but in must have been a what the fuck moment for anyone listening.

The song's coda was apparently the first use of stereo phasing. As far as psychedelic music goes, there are Johnny Come Latelies, bandwagoners, and scene-stealers, and then there's The 13th Floor Elevators. Hall also brought some of the Elevators' more mind-expanding lyrics, and his unique "electric jug" playing was as much a part of their signature sound as Erickson's powerful, ragged voice.

Despite the enduring appeal of disco-era Bee Gees and Barry Gibb's incredible run as a hitmaker, the band's earlier years as a moody baroque act are still undiscovered country for a lot of people. This album, which is actually the Bee Gees' third but first to get an international release , is resplendent with harpsichords, oboes, strings, and other such ornate instrumentation.

Nowhere is this more striking than on single "New York Mining Disaster ," one of the more unlikely hits of Just about every rock band caught the psychedelia fever in the mid-to-late '60s and the Stones were no different. They dipped their toes further into psychedelia with January 's underrated Between the Buttons , and by December of that year they ditched the blues entirely and went full Sgt.

Pepper's with the release of Their Satanic Majesties Request. From the vivid album artwork to the experimental art pop, some considered it too similar to Sgt. The band have mostly abandoned the album and almost never play music from it at their shows, but it's become a cult classic with psych-rock fans -- so much so, that psych revivalists The Brian Jonestown Massacre named an album after it.

It's a cult classic for good reason too. Pepper's songs at their own game. The mellotron and vibrato-vocal fueled "In Another Land" might be the weirdest song in the Stones' discography. They mastered psychedelia so much on this album; it's a shame they never did anything like it again. The Beach Boys' best album Smile should have come out in , but instead it was scrapped and in its place came the lo-fi, home-recorded Smiley Smile. A lot of people felt underwhelmed by it and more just never even heard it , but enough of us saw more in Smiley Smile than the remnants of an aborted project.

It paved the way for so much of the lo-fi, home-recorded pop music to come decades after Smiley Smile 's release. Without it, it's hard to imagine the existence of stuff like the Elephant 6 collective or even Weezer's Pinkerton , a rawly-recorded album by a Beach Boys-obsessed band that also drew material from a scrapped, more ambitious album. Smiley Smile may have been a blip in '60s mainstream music, but it's a highly influential album 50 years later.

It's also the trippiest album The Beach Boys ever made. And if the boys weren't actually high when they recorded "She's Goin' Bald" and "Little Pad," they sure sounded like it. If Smile had come out in , Sgt. Well, for many many bands it was to emulate the whimsical nature of the Fab Four. After getting linked up with Yardbirds manager Giorgio Gomelsky they changed it up, took on a new name and made one of the sunniest, very British psychedelic records you will ever hear.

What set them apart from the pack though was there was real grit underneath the whimsy. Much of the style can be attributed to the fact that the band laid down the tracks and then Gomelsky brought in session musicians to add a whole host of instruments and color, which is the magic of this record.

Unfortunately this joy was short lived; the band made only one more record which was not very good, and that was it. Bootlegged for years, this was finally officially reissued a few years ago, though you can still look for an original on the Marmalade label which will run you around bucks for an ever so clean one. Coming just months after Jefferson Airplane's breakthrough Surrealistic PIllow, After Bathing at Baxter's lacks the hits of its predecessor but it's a way better representation of their increasingly heavy and improvisational live show.

Surrealistic Pillow may begin with a sturdy rock beat, but this one begins with guitar feedback. That feedback leads right into "The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil," the loudest song the Airplane had released thus far and still one of their very best , making it known right off the bat that they were a different band than the one that recorded Surrealistic Pillow.

Paul Kantner, the psychedelia wiz who would go on to write a sci-fi concept album , wrote significantly more of this one, and the more pop-minded Marty Balin wrote significantly less. Also, while Surrealistic Pillow 's best-known songs were brought to the Airplane from Grace Slick's previous band, here Slick and the rest of the Airplane were starting from scratch.

The album feels more collaborative as a result, with the members' various personalities standing out less and blending together more. With songs like the haunting, acid-induced "rejoyce," it's darker and trippier than anything the bad had done prior.

But for all of the talk of how Baxter's is a more experimental follow-up to Surrealistic Pillow , it has a handful of psych-pop moments that could've been hits with the right push. The breezy "Martha" and the bold-sounding "Two Heads" are superior to plenty of what's on classic rock radio today. The myth that Jim Morrison created of himself often looms larger than The Doors' actual music, and that's kind of a bummer.

Rock mythology doesn't always age very well, and sooner or later we realize the "troubled artist" trope is not something to romanticize. It might seem rock n' roll to live fast and die young, but it'd be even cooler if Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Brian Jones and Pigpen and other Summer of Love stars were alive right now. Even if they were making shitty records or playing casinos, at least they'd have made it out of their 20s. It's also a bummer because beneath the deification of Jim Morrison is a damn good rock band.

Robby Krieger's finger-picked, soaring leads, John Densmore's jazz-influenced drumming, and Ray Manzarek's iconic keyboard-playing which more than made up for The Doors' lack of a bass player came together to form one of the most distinct sounds of the s. Whether they were making bluesy hard rock as on The Doors opener "Break on Through" or journeying off into acid-fueled jam territory as on The Doors closer "The End" , The Doors were a musical force.

And whether or not Jim Morrison is truly a poet, he's definitely a great rock frontman. His wild stage presence, baritone singing, and ability to go from spoken word to a throat-shredding scream seems revolutionary in the context of and still sounds untouchable today. Nearly all of his talents were on display on the band's debut album, which plays like a greatest hits. More than any other Doors album, you can hear almost every song of The Doors on the radio today and not one of them gets old okay, maybe "Light My Fire" gets a little old.

Much like how The Beatles' significance as songwriters is talked about to death, no one needs to hear any more hype for Jimi Hendrix as a guitarist. That said, if you put on Are You Experienced , turn the volume way up, and hear the feedback intro of "Foxy Lady" go into that iconic fuzzed-out riff, you'll be transported back to the first time you realized guitars were cool.

Like The Beatles, everything they say about Hendrix is true. No one could do what he could do with a guitar. He just made it wail in a way nobody else did. He made music out of feedback in a way nobody else did. You didn't have to see his extravagant outfits to know he had swagger; it came through in the riffs. And Hendrix knocked it out of the park right away -- his debut album has some of his best-known songs. Are You Experienced is filled with great songwriting, and also with so much noise.

For all of his screaming solos, he's got songs where all he's doing with that guitar is making noise. Too much talk of Hendrix is about his technical ability and his influence. Hendrix holds up all these years later because of the feeling.

Maybe the most iconic album out of San Francisco in is Surrealistic Pillow. It's the home of the two Jefferson Airplane songs that most people know, "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love" both carried over from Grace Slick's previous band The Great Society , but Surrealistic Pillow achieved much more than those two songs. Opening with the "Bo Diddley Beat" and the memorable guitar riff of "She Has Funny Cars," it's immediately clear that the Airplane's second album would be a more confident album than their debut, The Great Society, and really anything else coming out of San Francisco at the time.

It also has some of the Airplane's greatest contributions to psychedelic folk, thanks to the gorgeous one-two of "Today" and "Comin' Back to Me," and Jorma Kaukonen's impressive acoustic guitar workout "Embryonic Journey. Revved up versions of those two songs would fill their live sets for years.

Today, Jefferson Airplane may be a less legendary band than their friends and neighbors in The Grateful Dead whose Jerry Garcia is credited as the "spiritual advisor" on Surrealistic Pillow , most likely because the Dead became a cult touring band as the Airplane were fizzling out.

But the Dead never mastered the studio the way the Airplane did on Surrealistic Pillow. Of all the studio-recorded representations of San Francisco psychedelia, this one tells the story best. After making their foray into psychedelic rock with 's "Eight Miles High," The Byrds dove even further into trippy sounds with Younger than Yesterday. With Gene Clark out of the band and the album only including one cover song Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages" , the other band members were stepping up as songwriters and really all of them were on board with the new psychedelic direction -- Chris Hillman wrote the hazy and reverse-tape-filled "Thoughts and Words" -- but it was David Crosby emerging as the band's true mind expander.

His freeform "Mind Gardens" which was also aided by reverse tape made "Eight Miles High" sound straightforward in comparison. The kind of downcast, depressing songs he'd often write throughout his career were preceded on this album by "Everybody's Been Burned. Younger than Yesterday 's followup The Notorious Byrd Brothers would see the band rejecting another Crosby classic, "Triad," which he would instead give to Jefferson Airplane, whose members he went on to collaborate with several times, including on his debut solo album which also featured several Grateful Dead members.

More than anyone else in The Byrds or in CSNY , Crosby went on to become a hippie icon, and, in many ways, his work on Younger than Yesterday was the first thing to solidify that. Pepper's may be the most "important" Beatles album released in , but the weirder Magical Mystery Tour is arguably more of a gem as far as anti-commercial psychedelic rock goes.

John and George were really the ones who took The Beatles into genuinely weird territory, but Magical Mystery Tour was such an oddity that even Paul got trippy with "The Fool on the Hill. John's "I Am the Walrus" is delightfully strange, timeless, and really doesn't need an introduction at this point. The US release the one I'm used to and prefer tacked on five non-album singles, and those singles really do sound like they belong here.

Like "I Am the Walrus," it really needs no introduction and it's really everything everyone says it is. With some of the band's most gorgeous use of strings, horns, and Indian classical instruments, and some of John's most surreal songwriting, psychedelic pop almost never gets better than "Strawberry Fields Forever.

The Who are a lot of things. On their early singles, they're a great proto-punk band. On Tommy and Quadrophenia , they are still the poster children for rock operas. On Who's Next , they are about as good an economical hard rock band as you'll ever get.

And for just one album, released in the year everyone was doing it, The Who were a great psychedelic rock band. The album's big single, "I Can See For Miles" was one of the original psych-rock era's trademark songs. Like "Good Vibrations," it defied both psychedelic rock and the album that called it home, becoming a massive stand-alone hit. It's the only song on The Who Sell Out that remains a staple in The Who's live sets today, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Opening with "Armenia City In The Sky," it's clear right away that The Who are on some different shit and maybe some harder drugs than ever before or since.

Filled with dizzying sound effects hazy vocals, and just general weirdness, "Armenia City In The Sky" did psych-rock as good as the bands who dedicated their entire careers to the genre. Throughout the album, the band can be heard using the studio as an instrument and experimenting with all the new sounds that rock bands were learning about at the time.

This side of them might get downplayed today by the radio and by the band themselves, but these songs still rival their biggest hits.

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