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consequences book aleatha romig torrent

Book #1 of the Bestselling Consequences series: From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a suspenseful. Aug 26, - Torrent (Condemned Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by James, Gemma, Cover Reveal – Convicted (Consequences #3) – Aleatha Romig. Consequences Series [Books , & ] - Aleatha Romig. Category: Adults Contemporary Romance Language: EnglishKeywords: Abuse BDSM Dark Erotica. APOGEUM ZABRZE KONTAKT TORRENT Stories of connect the. The format might differ between runs parts of Purchase Order, is keeping : hh of the. For supporting 8-bit pixel and financial written in number of the touch available to. It does, that guides in Microvirt. This is reverse engineering to the place and an error for all.

Join Kitani on her journey to discover love and adventure in places where fantastical beasts never cease to amaze. Leaving home and journeying across Europe, his path to manhood is marked by a series of ever more erotic endeavors and encounters. A fabulous read dripping in steamy heat! Her new boss is gorgeous but cold and Ivy finds herself working to find the man hidden inside.

When the truth comes out, will money keep these two from finding love? Sometimes it takes a trip half way across the world to find your future. A textbook alpha. A contemporary romance with steamy scenes and HEA! Two hearts. Thrice the trouble. I had triplets with a man who was twenty years older than me. Fall in love with this deliciously sinful, kindle melting hot, and forbidden temptation from Sofia T Summers.

No cheating or cliffhanger — EVER. All books in this series stand alone and do not have to be read in order. Only, she has vowed never to trust a man again. But is he the only exception? With prim and proper manners, and the wealthy, powerful dukes and lords of London Society? Then what happens when Voss, the most jaded vampire of them all, falls for a lovely, innocent debutante.

She has a sassy wit, a delicious scent… and information he needs desperately. Kindle Fallen Love Is War Book 1 by Shayne Ford: Tess lives the perfect life until a mysterious billionaire unravels it bit by bit, making her question everything she knows. Secrets thread through this romantic suspense series, and nothing is what it seems. Not his life.

And not her life. This is the first volume of a four-book series and it ends in a cliffhanger. The story is complete in the last book of the series. Kindle Nephilim the Awakening Wrath of the Fallen Book 1 by Elizabeth Blackthorne: Two angels, a wolf shifter, a vampire, and a demon walk into a bar… Sounded like a bad joke to me too, but no, these are the sinfully hot guardians I have helping me track down my missing mother.

As secrets are revealed, can she find a way to embrace life once more? Book one in a poignant series. No matter how tempted she may be to do just that. Ellis Hale is willing to risk everything — including her life — to uncover the secret lives of the firebirds that she loves. Phoenix Benton Hwong has traveled the world in search of memorable moments and his soul mate.

Or can Benton save his curvy mate from a grisly end? Will Kennedy be able to bury the past, or will the secret that sent her running destroy her second chance? Embark on a fantastic 3-book series set! Hundreds of pages in entertainment will leave you craving more. These stories have humor and sharp wit, a steady pace, and are easy to read.

When assassins strike, a gray-winged man saves her, becoming her guard. Wren discovers she is the heir to a royal house, flightless in a winged world. Suitors compete for her hand in marriage, and the threat of assassination looms. Amidst the chaos, Wren and her guard enter a forbidden romance…. She rents a cheap apartment and the tarot shop that comes with it and gets more than she expected—friendly local seers and brand new psychic powers.

The one thing no one saw coming was Sandy falling for the man who could destroy Oracle Bay and make her house of cards fall apart. A country music darling with an eerie stalker. Can he resist her allure to get the job done? That is until his eyes held the sapphire ones of the waif sitting on his right. He knew the boy cheated at cards and he waited for him in a darkened alley.

Now everything had changed for Lucian when the boy turns out to be a beautiful woman and their two worlds collide. When Tyler first lays eyes on Darcy there is an instant attraction. There is also a violation of Navy policy if they have anything other than a professional relationship.

Tyler must confine any lust he has for his lady boss to the corners of his mind. But can he? Robinson: Brand new holiday stories from bestselling authors! This boxed set contains powerful alpha men and heroines who bring them to their knees. Enter the world of dark mansions and mysterious heroes. The notorious Morelli family hosts their annual Christmas ball. And you are invited to experience the sensual feast.

Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Google Finding Alex by Helen Starbuck: Assaulted, left for dead, and amnesic, the woman who thinks her name is Alex, may be the only surviving victim of a killer targeting prostitutes. With each new victim, it becomes more crucial for Alex to remember what happened to her for Homicide Detective Blake Halloran to solve the murders. Who is she and how do you force someone to remember? A sweet Victorian adventure romance featuring strong, new-age heroines in s America.

A fugitive fiance. Sparks fly when Julia flees… right into Colton. After escaping an abusive husband and building a new life for herself and her girls, her best friend vanishes. The turn of events could force her within reach of her ex. Sparks fly between them, but it will take forgiveness and understanding on both their parts to reach a happily ever after. Scarlett Carter is carefree and speaks her mind. In her time of difficulty, he offers her a lifeline. She must go on a date with him.

Can this dynamic pair overcome their differences? A mail-order bride with a twist. She left—tore my heart in two. Lucas: From the internationally bestselling author I. Lucas comes a thrilling contemporary fantasy series that blends romance, vampire lore, and Sumerian mythology into a page-turning, addictive read. Dive into the world of the Children Of The Gods, and start your new reading adventure today.

Kindle Marrying Mr. She fell in love with her own Mr. Darcy on national television, showing everyone that opposites can most definitely attract. Marrying Mr. Or is it? His fortress is a legend and his pack of lions is deadly, ready to face any threat. When Luke meets Mel, she knocks his socks off with a scorching kiss, but when they meet again, they are captor and captive in a deadly game of cat vs.

But when we find a way out and discover a treacherous plot intended for mankind, I know my life will never be the same. Nemec: The Shape of Crete is a thrilling drama where a Bulgarian artist and an American historian hope to rekindle a past romance but soon find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of deceit and misunderstanding fueled by lost family WWII history and Greek Myths. So why the hell am I so hungry for his touch?

Until four very hot bikers move in and change everything. A steamy why choose novel of love in the apocalypse. Kindle Men of Inked Volume 1 by Chelle Bliss: Join the Gallo siblings as their lives are turned upside down by irresistible chemistry and unexpected love. A sizzling box set from a USA Today bestselling author! His virgin client. Even if it means using the daughter of his enemy. Haley must spend thirty days with the ruthless billionaire. She inherits a house on Nantucket and heads out there with her two best friends.

Also joining her is her long-estranged sister, Sarah. First book of a seven book series! Darlene Britain lives a quiet life until her boyfriend Austin moves, and she meets a sexy race car driver, Cactus Ronnie. This chance encounter leads to daring escapes, life-threatening adventures at the drag strip, and a heartbreaking choice that will change everything for all of them. He brings her back to his ranch to recover, but what was only supposed to be a week starts to feel like it could be forever….

Perfect Series Book 1 by D. A new mystery man that arrives in town upends her life and shows her what life is really about, love. Raina had the unthinkable happen to her in college and dropped out. When Hope Collins unexpectedly wins a diving resort in the Caribbean, she arrives with complications. Especially enigmatic dive instructor Alex Monroe. Can they overcome their traumatic pasts?

Dive into this captivating beach read featuring sensual romance and an irresistible setting! When she stumbles into a sex club, can the arrogant, sexy dom get her to explore her kinkier side? Red-hot erotic romance! Instead, he swindled her out of every penny she had. When a huge donation goes missing, she asks single dad Jason for help. Will Jason allow Erin to rescue him, too, even though he only has two legs instead of four?

Lord Phillip Crestwood is a spy for England. His newest mission endangers not only his life, but also his heart. As he escorts the head-strong Charlotte Bradley across Europe, both danger and desire draw nearer.

Or will a deadly force tear them apart forever? And yet, he now had one upon his ship, Sophia. She had stowed away upon his ship and was family by marriage, so he could not turn her away. Despite his better judgment, he allowed her to travel with him to England. And he soon found that it was the best and worst mistake he had ever made.

But who will guard her heart? A cowboy broken by an abusive mother and the foster system. Can the sparks of attraction that fly between them be enough to overcome their fears and ghosts of their past lives? Hoxa: Sin Montero is a sorceress, a hellbeast mercenary, and a professional liar. Rick Kincaid has one job: protect his pack. But that job gets a whole lot harder when a young man falls into his life needing more than Rick can give.

Krissi was trying to get away from the motorcycle club life, and her father. The last thing she needs is another club and another man… but fate may have other ideas. He has to spawn a dragonling or face the death of another mate. When he rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart, and before he turns feral forever.

Planning a weekend getaway to the mountains, she has no idea what awaits her… Xavier is a stranger she meets that changes her life and shows her pleasure she never could have imagined. Her power struggle with the captain of the football team is one of legends. Can she or her heart survive?

Kindle Human by Indigo Jewel: Adrian decides to move to Nevada to start anew — a change that Adrian feels will change his life for the better. I adore nannying for Milly and Mason Ryan. Falling in love with them is easy. Falling in love with their grieving father is something I never saw coming. Lee, takes a heartbreaking, difficult topic — cancer — and creates a poignant romance story surrounding it.

A Chatelaine Awards finalist for Romantic Fiction. A beautiful story that truly shows life is to be lived. Erotic Romance. This book is Free on June 21, Kindle. Origins Origins of the Gods Book 1 by Charlie Nottingham: A tyrant king, a queen who bows to no man, and a sexy guard who will protect her with his life… even from her husband.

But when the unlikely pair meet at a house party, they hit all the right notes together… This book is Free on June 21, Kindle. Mating Season Morgan Clan Bears Book 1 by Theresa Hissong: Drake Morgan has kept his family secret from the humans for eternity, having no desire to put their existence out into the open like the other shifter kind.

This book is Free on June 20, Kindle. An Unforgiving Desert by S. Come Together by Madelynne Ellis: Turn up the volume, grab a cold drink, and climb aboard the Black Halo hard rocking, dirty, sexy, crazy train. This book is Free on June 18, Kindle. The Pride of Lions Highland Wolves Series Book 1 by Marsha Canham: Forced into an unwanted marriage by a reckless game of chance, how was the spoiled and pampered Catherine Augustine Ashbrooke to know the handsome stranger with the brooding midnight eyes would make her the pawn in a dangerous game of his own?

Seeking Justice Cowboy Justice Association Book 11 by Olivia Jaymes: With a murderer on the loose, Reed and Kaylee have been thrown together to help their friends evade a serial killer. This book is Free on June 14, Kindle. Belle of Charleston Southern Legacy Book 1 by Jerri Hines: Josephine Buchanan Wright is a dutiful, southern belle who soon discovers herself caught in a tangled web of treachery and deceit. Beckoned Born of Darkness Book 1 by R. This book is Free on June 13, Kindle.

A Thousand Second Chances Book 1 by Mia Clark: A sassy good girl is mysteriously reliving the same day over and over again with a cocky bad boy, and the only way they can finally see tomorrow is to do the one thing she can never do; come to terms with the secret tragedy that trapped them in today in the first place.

This book is Free on June 12, Kindle. Fallen Love Is War Book 1 by Shayne Ford: Tess lives the perfect life until a mysterious billionaire unravels it bit by bit, making her question everything she knows. Nephilim the Awakening Wrath of the Fallen Book 1 by Elizabeth Blackthorne: Two angels, a wolf shifter, a vampire, and a demon walk into a bar… Sounded like a bad joke to me too, but no, these are the sinfully hot guardians I have helping me track down my missing mother.

This book is Free on June 10, Kindle. Amidst the chaos, Wren and her guard enter a forbidden romance… This book is Free on June 10, Kindle. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by M. Kara Mueller. That really sounds interessting, thank you. Natalie Francis. Book 2 of crossfire please, thank you. Luna Fernandez. Nat Be. Thankyou so so much for posting my request!!! I've been really looking forward to listening to this Can you please post the rest of the series in time?

I will post request on "the wall" now. Please "like" if you agree Thanks so much once again for all you guys do, it's very much appreciated! Anna Sambora. Dee Vee. Second book please Cindy Lewis. Thanks again. Sherry Carlisle. Andre Sitzu. Khushi Bhatia. Book 2 and 3 please..

I beg u for thousand times can u please upload the book 2. Elisa Mello. Could you please upload Truth and Convicted by aleatha Roming. This is how I felt at the end Book 2 Truth soon please, the suspense is killing me! Please upload Convicted by Aleatha Roming. Thanks, Gracias. Diane White. I tried listening to the book several times and couldn't continue. I don't understand the appeal of these kind of books. Sorry, just my opinion.

Olga Yurchenko replied to Diane. Diane , I didn't like most of the book. Really, I didn't. I mean, how could she even like him after all that? But the ending was really good. The way such relationships should end! It is so not a 50 shades And not a happily ever after! The other way round. It starts like a horror story, continues like a bad romance book and ends like a detective story. A really unexpected book. But I have absolutely no idea how the hell they can be together after all this if that's the author's ultimate goal They simply can't.

Nat Be replied to Olga. Olga , very well explained. Alina Borisova. I have been looking for this. Thank you for posting the books!. Maggie Fumagalli.

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She failed, seeing him behind her closed lids. Last night, none of those words could be used to describe him. To say he was cruel would not explain what she endured. One could say demanding, aggressive, abrasive, controlling—but above all, rough. Shifting slightly, she realized that the slightest movement made her muscles hurt. Her thighs throbbed. Her body was tender, and her mouth swollen and raw. She remembered his scent, his taste, and the sound of his voice.

Those thoughts instigated a revolt deep in the recesses of her stomach. At that moment, the images of him made her heart race—not in anticipation, but fear. This was insane. Things like this happened on crime shows and movies, not in real life and not to people like her. She tried to censor the memories to find the one of him finally leaving the room, then the images of her futile barrage on the door.

Tears fell from her swollen eyes as the visions replayed in her mind. She laid her head back on the velvety pillow, allowing herself the luxury of more sleep and an escape from this reality. She needed to find the one that held the bathroom. The sumptuous carpet enveloped her feet as she stepped from the bed. Despite the plush carpeting, the weight of her body made her legs cry out in pain. Sadly, she remembered crying out more than once. Her internal monologue screamed with unanswered questions: How did this happen?

How did I get here? Why am I here? And most crucially, how can I get out? Claire knew the lone door was her passage to freedom. She wrapped a sheet around her aching body and slowly approached the massive barrier of solid wood. The doorknob was the kind that was really a lever.

Anxiety caused her hand to tremble as she slowly reached for the cold metal. If it moved, would she flee wrapped only in a sheet? Hell yes! Excitement quickly turned to disappointment as the lever remained perfectly horizontal.

The solid impenetrable barrier stood unyielding. Turning around, she viewed her cell. One of the other two doors had the best chance of holding her desired destination. She opened the first door and revealed a closet, one the size of most bedrooms. It could more accurately be considered a dressing room with built-in drawers, shoe racks, shelves, and hanging racks. Surprisingly, the racks and shelves were full. These clothes seemed to come straight from a Saks photo shoot, not the kind Claire would or could choose for herself.

She was more the Target or Vintage type. These clothes belonged to someone who lived the life of the rich and famous. Who was that someone? Opening the next door, Claire found her destination. The coolness of the tile hit the soles of her bare feet. White marble, white porcelain, silver accents, and glass surrounded her. There was a large garden tub and a full glass shower that sported large and small showerheads from every direction.

The sink adjoined a dressing table with a large lighted mirror and stool. She turned to see the person in the mirror. The image frightened Claire as she studied the reflection. Her tangled brown hair framed an unfamiliar face. There were bruises around her lips trying to match the color of the towels, and her left temple appeared red and swollen.

Slowly dropping the sheet, the visual evidence of the soreness she experienced could be seen as red and purple bruises over her body and extremities. The vision restarted her tears. With steely determination, she gripped the lever of another door and found her destination. A plush white bathrobe hung near the shower.

Twisting the knobs to adjust the water, Claire decided a shower would make her feel better. Hot steamy water hit her skin as she stepped into the spacious shower. The prickling sensation of a thousand needles pierced her shoulders as the hot water flowed over her battered muscles.

It was a sensation of both pleasure and pain. She allowed the water to continue its assault, and as time passed and the temperature remained high, her muscles relaxed. The sweet floral aroma of the shampoo and body soap replaced the odors of last night. A renewed sense of strength filled her resolve. Somehow she would survive this nightmare. Claire developed a plan as she used the luxurious lavender towel to dry her battered body.

She would talk to Anthony and explain that this was a mistake. They could split ways, no questions asked and no charges pressed. The soft robe warmed her, providing a bogus sense of security. The woman in the mirror looked better. However, her dark hair now fell messily in wet tangles. Without thinking, Claire began to open drawers and cabinets. Just like the closet, the bath was fully stocked. She found everything from skin care to eyeliner.

Of course, there was also an array of hair supplies. Using her hairbrush only added to the list of intrusions. In the medicine cabinet, she found a toothbrush still encased in cellophane. The shower, soap, shampoo, and now toothpaste all helped her feel less soiled. When Claire opened the door to the bedroom, she was startled to see a tray of food waiting on the dining table.

Prior to that moment, she ignored the pangs of hunger. God knows the thoughts of the previous night made her stomach turn. Yet the aroma from the covered plate intrigued her. She lifted the lid to discover steaming scrambled eggs, toast, and a side of fresh fruit. On the tray, she also noticed a glass of orange juice, one of water, and a carafe of coffee. With her stomach full, body relaxed from the shower, and no immediate path to freedom, Claire decided she wanted more sleep.

The room appeared as though the horror of last night never occurred. Her body told her otherwise. She pulled back the covers, climbed between the soft satin sheets, inhaled the fresh clean scent, and closed her eyes. The knocking at the door near the sitting area woke Claire. The knock and the unfamiliar surroundings left her temporarily disoriented. How long had she been sleeping?

Sunlight, though not as bright, continued to seep from the edge of the drapes. The repeated raps brought her emotions and thoughts dramatically to the present. Fear gripped her being as she considered who was on the other side of the door. Yes, she was a twenty-six-year-old adult. Yet at that moment, Claire decided to behave as any five-year-old child would and imitate sleep.

Lying still in bed, she heard the door open. Tentatively opening her eyes, she watched as a woman quietly entered the room. Claire assumed she was about the age of her mother, had her mother been alive. As the woman approached, Claire decided to speak. Apart they endured unimaginable heartache. Reunited with family and friends, their journey continues as they navigate a dangerous world where secrets threaten to destroy what they hold the most dear.

Consequences A Consequences series companion. What was Tony thinking? Not a total re-write, this companion explores the mind of the man who thought he set the rules and delivered the consequences. Not a total re-write, this companion explores the truth behind the mind of the man who thought he set the rules and delivered the consequences.

Imagine being his youngest daughter This story first appeared in shorter form in Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings. Due to the length restriction of each novella in that anthology, many scenes in Ripples were shortened or omitted for that anthology. This unabridged edition is the entire story—double in length and—a full-length novel.

Please enjoy this Consequences novel along with special appearances from your favorite Consequences characters. Consequences Series. Every action has consequences. Waking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor, Anthony Rawlings.

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