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It remains for Your Highness not to disdain this tragic off- spring of mine, having greater regard for the spirit of the humble giver than for the lowliness of the gift itself. I recognize no other merit in my gift than that sincerity and affection with which I consecrate it to you, supplicating Your Highness that you consent to receive me into the ranks of your lowliest servants.

And wishing for you from Heaven the height of every joy, humbly I bow to you. It rises up in splendor, and rightfully honors you, for from your beautiful lugubrious song Celinda learns to live a life far brighter than the light of Heaven which gilds the world; than that light with which, in bringing the day, the eternal charioteer with his flying destriers points out you alone, and with his own merits he decorates your name which is adorned with virtue.

Thus with double torment this beautiful murderess with her pen and with her eyes challenges us to death. Oh, how sweet you render these tragic accents— Thebes heard none more sorrowful. You shine, yes; but brightly also in the rays of your eyes, which overcome the sun by far.

Mere mortal esteem for your valor would be base, for you seem from your visage a Grace, and a Muse from your song. Never so beautiful did the unique bird emerge from the pyre which kills it and renews it against the harms of invidious and wicked Time,16 as from your verses I see beautiful Celinda, burned by love, to a new life rise up, and indeed fly far from oblivion. Accorto Amor, o quante astuzie, o quante Inspira altrui la sua possente face!

It is only life that with your golden lyre you cannot give, O wise lady, nor with the sun can you give night to those who were, alas, long ago buried. But yet with one look turned to others you can animate the alps with wilder stone, and in the sky you can halt the moon and the sun. Clever Love, oh how, how much craftiness your powerful torch inspires in people!

He came, and saw, and conquered, and his peace he found with delight in front of his beautiful sun. Celinda, A Tragedy 71 But then when he to wage war went forth against his sire, ah! A miserable deceit; in this way, Love, you are false? In this way together with the sweet is the bitter united? In this way you give life? In this way, death? To call you a Siren is also forbidden me, for with your singing you do not cause harsh torment.

Therefore by whatever name must I call you, O goddess who in song resembles the god of Delos,21 yet whom in a mortal form I cherish? Ah, what sort of monster are you under your human veil? Because at the same time I, stunned, hear and see: in your sound, Hell, and in your beautiful visage, Heaven. Celinda, A Tragedy 73 Argument Autilio, the prince of Persia, fell in love with Celinda, the princess of Lydia, from her reputation and an image he saw of her. Dressed in feminine attire, he came to Lydia and took care to be sold as an Irish slave girl to King Cubo, father of Princess Celinda.

Aided by his youth and the del- icacy of his features, he carried out his plan, and as a maid served his beloved princess. After some time and various incidents, he revealed his identity, and enjoyed her love. Autilio however was not recognized by his father, and by him was mortally wounded, which led to the subsequent vol- untary death of Princess Celinda.

Che dico a rimirar? What am I saying, to behold? Alas, I come to administer poison to the three sisters with the snaky hair. Fortune smiled on his lascivious desires, so that he later of his beloved darling received the gift. Here the cruel man lives, forgetful 30 of my love, amid comforts and luxuries; and as much as he hated me, that much he loves Celinda, and esteems her.

Celinda, A Tragedy 79 He loves her beauty; he prizes the bloodline of her regal ancestors; he adores and worships 35 her corrupted chastity—though to the same extent he said he hated mine, unviolated still. Pitiless barbarian and beastly heart! To me he denied his love. He disdained my royal blood. I thought that death, in releasing my heart from my soul, would release as well the bonds 65 of hopeless love.

But wretched me! I was mistaken. Love is nourished in the deepest abysses, and lives with me where hope is dead. Celinda, A Tragedy 81 It lives, but hopeless, and it cedes the field 70 to my desire to obtain the death, the suffering, and the ruin of him whom I loved so much, and this very day I hope to see memorable instances of it. This is the royal palace; 85 for its spacious loggias, for its white marble, and for the noble work of an outstanding craftsman, throughout the world it is illustrious.

Of the tyrants of Lydia it is the infamous nest. In these regal rooms 90 the prince of the Persians lazes in amorous idleness. And I among so many sorrows, among a thousand ranks of unspeakable pains, still here I waste my time? Ah, it will not be so forever. As a grieving shade I will disturb his slumbers. This wound, which still reddens my breast with bloody droplets, I shall place before his eyes; and in such a way I shall make him firmly believe that inevitably shall come ruin and deaths which will make these roofs drip with other blood before long, and will turn every joy into weeping.

Celinda, A Tragedy 83 May the queen of the Persians, by my death afflicted, while yet living conspire with her dead daughter, and may Hell conspire to the detriment of the wicked one, so that he may die, and with him may fall to ruin and perish, together with his beloved, this kingdom. Those rays which shone later in her charming eyes, imitated masterfully by an industrious paintbrush on the animated canvas, were chains and arrows 15 which made knots in my soul and wounds in my breast so that I left my father, my high estate, and my kingdom, and came here, where Love directed me.

In the dress of a slave girl 20 I made my body her servant, for over my heart she held dominion. And I was worthy to be her lover and husband. Thus Love triumphs over loving hearts; thus are his edicts oblique and twisted. He pointed out to me that treasure which, once seen, in a flash disappeared.

E fui qual donna caramente accolto, 45 Dove in processo poi di giorni e mesi Frutti gustai de le mie ardenti fiamme, Che non invidio il gran tonante Giove Ne gli amorosi suoi furtivi amplessi. Celinda, A Tragedy 87 You transport lovers from the port of joys into the sea of tears. You revealed to my eyes that vivid ray from heaven, the flame of hearts, the food of souls, 40 for which, following glorious Hercules, I did not refuse to cinch a skirt to my flank, to wind a spindle, to curl my locks, to make up stories among the chaste maidservants.

Who rebukes me and calls me from my sweet amorous sojourns, and from the field of Love to that of Mars? Ah me! The spirit of the baleful Eusina my death predicts in wretched dreams with nocturnal specters. Rise now, effeminate Autilio, for that day I have so much desired is revealed as today, 70 when to an end the war will come, together with your life, and with the life also of that woman whom you love so much.

It was not in my power to lodge another woman where Celinda resided. Restrain, restrain, O soul noble and beautiful if my prayers avail , that fiery desire 90 which so presses you in your greed for vengeance, for I promise to raise your shrine upright in my kingdom; and every day, I swear, full of pure and holy zeal, I shall honor the tomb of your chaste remains 95 with Arabian perfumes and sacred incenses.

And if for my blood you thirst so much, and you long for my soul to be in the shadowy abysses together with you among fierce torments, at least toward her who has not offended you, show yourself benign; and I, content with this great hope, to the Stygian realms36 will come to pay due tribute to your spirit for my suffering so eager.

Already it is time to set down my skirt and mantle, my feminine name, my golden locks, and in their stead with steel to dress my limbs, and against my father to fly out. Even more so because this womanly dress cannot excuse me in the eyes of the woman to whom Heaven made me subject. Ma che? Che non mi scopro al padre? Celinda, A Tragedy 93 she saw me, her beloved knight and lover, remain effeminate and soft among the comforts of peace?

But wait! Shall I, an iniquitous son, therefore stain with paternal blood my very own hands? Shall I turn weapons against him who for me wages war indomitably? Shall I deprive of their souls those faithful peoples over whom the world and Heaven have declared me king?

In what a sea of thoughts do I miserably waver? Tender compassion for my dear father, and the innocent blood of my vassals that will be shed, and that which I owe to this king of Lydia, along with the common good which must be followed by those destined for rule by Heaven , to do this urge me; but jealous fear of making known my amorous error not only to the king of the Persians but also to the king of Lydia and to the whole world as well is a tight rein that holds me back by force.

And more than any other thing, it is forbidden me by Love, Love who does not consent that I do anything by which I might for a moment of my beloved darling ever be deprived. I shall not make war on my father, but in the case of greatest need I shall make my breast the shelter and shield of the sire of my beautiful lover.

O new Aurora, O new horror I meant to say, I discern and perceive you unusually haughty. I shall return where a more beautiful Aurora I hope to see, if with dew her soft, white breast she has not sprinkled, because it is necessary for her to leave a new Tithonus.

Or that his warlike inimical people 5 might damage the city or the kingdom? I shall forestall his plans. I shall ensure that the Persian king will not be able to damage my city and kingdom, though powerful in gold and in arms 10 he comes against us. And well you know what forces prepared I have to oppose against fury so great, and how the esteem for my daring and my glory rises high among warlike rulers.

Celinda, A Tragedy 97 well can one reason whether, girded up for this war, my daring, strength, and valor are likely to fail me. I do not however approve that, in prey to anger like a common man, my lord abandons himself completely. Rather, let him act as a prudent king who at all times with the eye of justice discerns 35 which are the ruses, which the deceptions used nowadays in the courts by the impious disdainers of peace, those who under a veil of service, of feigned love, do whatever they can to disperse and dissolve it.

Without scorn wrathful, and without wrath scornful, welcome the fierce invitation, and let your response be equal to the proposal 50 of this war, which an impious hand plotted. Every thought in my mind it is permitted you to spy out, along with the deep recondite secrets of my heart, 75 which from you were never concealed.

And how agreeable to his requests I have proven myself, and how courteous, you know also, when he oh great boldness! And very nearly within the rooms 90 they were introduced of my daughter, to be better able fully of my sincere faith to be reassured. Thereupon he boldly with a powerful army arrived at the port, such that it is certainly necessary that today I demonstrate my undefeated power with this right hand.

Counselor Not that I dare, lord, in the least to deflect from your proposed will your royal mind; but with a few words now I would like to tell Your Highness what in such a case my loyalty suggests, and my years, because an aged mind sometimes gazes where the fervor of the blood does not allow warlike intellects to reach. Cubo My venerable faithful one, in circumstances prosperous or adverse always I deemed your wisdom hoary in conformity with your hair, nor now must I refuse your mature counsel at the greatest need.

Gli tengo a forza il figlio? Cubo Gli dei certo non fur. Predir il falso Non suol celeste nume. Therefore by this impelled, I will advise you to mellow your wrath somewhat against the great king of the Persians, because perhaps he has just cause to be enraged. Cubo What just cause to be enraged? Do I hold by force his son? Is he perhaps my prisoner?

Where does he dwell? Counselor You do not have his son as a prisoner. He thinks so because he does not hold as baseless the pronouncements of the gods. Cubo It was certainly not the gods. A celestial deity is not accustomed to make false pronouncements. Counselor The oracle of Apollo to him predicted46 that his son was subject to Lydia and subjugated by the royal crown, and in the furor of arms today he is to find him.

Counselor It was true that plotters in great numbers from your court, rebellious against your kingdom, to him offered themselves. Although a presage of future things unknown to him, he suspected those tidings. But he had recourse to the gods; while he immolated, kneeling at the altar of the holy deity, a fat bull whiter than snow, with veiled auguries and obscure indications he received a response just such as the fortuneteller gave him: that in Lydia was his son, and that war and not peace would give him to him in the end.

Delighted at such a response he rose up humbly, and started over with an even worthier sacrifice in honor of great Mars. Subsequently he also, with that majesty which to a king is appropriate, proudly has arrived to direct the siege around these city walls. Now whether a just cause to this urges him, or whether wrongfully the war he undertakes, I do not dare to determine, because truly whatever might come from Heaven I do not clearly discern.

For the human mind is foolish, just like the eye of the lowly bat which by the light of the sun is dazzled, when audaciously it tries to spy out the irrevocable laws and the great decrees of Fate and of the eternal deities. You might welcome him within your superb kingdom, for perhaps satisfied with the principle being granted, he will find repugnant so false a suspicion; and meanwhile benign Heaven perhaps will return him his son among so many ranks of men armed, bellicose, and strong.

Consigliero Tanto appunto, signor, quanto conviensi Al tuo saper, a le tue forze invitte. But first I want to go worship humbly the sacrosanct and venerable deities with sacrifices and vows, and by the auspices of Heaven and of the gods reassured, I will place myself on the field for the perilous battle.

Counselor Just so much, lord, as is appropriate to your wisdom, to your indomitable strength. I thank lofty Jove for having been set to serve a king so just, for if rightly I discern, from Heaven his every good the wise man expects. Mad is he who for pride against Heaven contends, and who for great kingdoms and for immense riches disdains the Mover of the world.

To these, to these will be an eternal example the horrendous monsters who, in battling against Heaven, left in the Phlegraean Fields their thunderstruck remains. Why so hurried? Why among doubts and fears 15 does your infirm mind whirl? Tell me, if of such grace by now I seem to you worthy, my dear daughter, the cause so cruel that moves you at dawn to sigh. You know well my loyalty and my way of dealing with matters.

Celinda I cannot deny, Nurse, nor must I, that for overflowing grief an ailing mind 30 I bear, and an afflicted heart. Therefore in my visage sometimes a flicker of internal anguish reveals itself to others, even though in vain I attempt to close it up so that it does not show outside. Ma lassa! Celinda Dear Nurse, it is indeed true, for not well can a wretched heart keep concealed the grief that it encloses. In what manner 55 shall I loosen this tongue to start listing my many troubles?

And how shall I of my shames be the accuser? O Heaven, first blast me with lightning and thunder! Nurse Therefore so little faith in my faithfulness you have, O daughter? Therefore my blood, 65 which as a baby you sucked, in you is unable to entreat for me today so slight a grace? Ah, unhappy wretch! A poorly appreciated servant of so beloved a daughter.

Nutrice Ahi, lassa, Ahi, me dolente, Ahi, sfortunata vecchia, Ahi, povera nutrice! Seek no further, if for your daughter you do not want to procure 75 a thousand deaths in one single death. Nurse Alas! Aiee, what suffering! Aiee, unlucky old woman! Aiee, poor nurse! Is this therefore the joy that I hoped for? Is this the knot 80 with which Hymen binds you to a glorious king?

Thus it is given to me to see your august offspring? Celinda Restrain, O Nurse, your weeping, for your excessive anguish, 90 just like fuel for a blazing fire, adds pain to my heart. Be quiet and console yourself, and live in the certainty that your living on after my death will make my soul pass on content and in peace. And what error have you committed so grave that it might induce you to die? Celinda It must not be called an error where the blame is held by Love. It was precisely Love who constrained me to be my own shame and humiliation.

Celinda He pretends to be blind, the little child god, so as to bring to lovers under a mendacious light now joy, now sorrows. Nurse If he blindfolded my eyes at the greatest need, alas! Celinda, A Tragedy Celinda With flattery and promises of giving a nobler mantle to these limbs, he undressed me of that one; whereas naked and deceived the false liar in the end has left me. Nurse Dry your tears, daughter, for your visage of alabaster, tinted suddenly with the vermilion of roses, and your tremulous voice make known to me great things.

Tell me, by all means if not with a delighted, at least with a sad brow , from the beginning, of this love the whole story, for to the same extent I feel my grief lighten, just as much as my hope grows to be able to give you aid. Celinda In my circumstances one cannot hope for aid. And certainly in vain you attempt to root out from this heart the bitter cares.

Nurse Do you plan to conceal this case of love, or to make it plain? If it can be concealed, do not doubt that I will help, but if so far it has gone on that concealed it cannot be from the great king your father and my lord, let every remedy be attempted before death, the extremest of every harm. Let follow what may, provided that you remain alive. Perhaps it was the page Urino, that good-looking boy who many times spoke with you, as I saw with these eyes, and I kept mum?

He so gracefully, now loosing, now taking up the bit, once he had circled the great square, moved quickly in the course, nimbly at the jump, always with his eyes upon your visage intent. For this reason, it is difficult for me to imagine that you so far beyond have sped in love with him, or with another, that he might have stolen away your beautiful virginal flower.

Celinda Ah, Nurse, Nurse. Therefore you dare with baseness to taint Celinda, the princess of Lydia? Or therefore I might not refuse with the women of Sparta to go as a peer, a violated girl and not a proud queen? Con nodo maritale Seco Imeneo mi stringe, Egli a me vive, io vivo a lui consorte. Parvi materia questa, Da lasciarne la vita? For me he lives, and I live for him, as consorts.

Does this seem to you a reason to abandon life? Tell me, for I am consumed with desire and joy, no longer with grief and trouble. Celinda Do you know that noble damsel, Lucinia, my dear and welcome servant, faithful secretary of my thoughts? Eh figlia! Nutrice Che mi dite? Nutrice E come si scoperse? Celinda, A Tragedy at that door which to your rooms is opposite, in the garden. Celinda Not the procuress, but the means most apt, she was of my failure.

Nurse What do you tell me? What do I hear? Then he has deceived you with lying garb, the very knight on whose behalf war and death his haughty father against your kingdom declares? Celinda Both he and I have ended up wretched and deceived by that boy who all the world ensnares. Nurse And how did he reveal himself?

You well know that the king my father brought him to me in the first place, as a slave girl from Ireland, whom a foreign merchant to him conducted, like other captives both Persian and Moorish whom he had brought here. When in the end the king my father gave her to me now I shall call him her, for a woman still I believed her , for a long time with me she dwelled before showing she burned for me; but she made herself to me so, so agreeable that of light deprived I seemed without her, and half alive.

At last her amorous blaze had progressed so far that by now it barely was contained within her incapacious breast, so that her beautiful visage actually faded, as when in the excessive heat of the burning sun a rose is seen to languish, shaken from its honors charming and vermilion; and with ardent sighs which were messengers of her heart to me she made known her burning ardor.

Celinda, A Tragedy I want you to be to me, and let my joys with you be held in common. She, trembling, pulled the white linens tightly to her chest, and she looked at me silently. I yet further pursued; the more she hid herself, the more I still kept trying to uncover her. Celinda Love, who had plotted my harm, wanted me to administer also my shames. And so, there I went, where the feigned Lucinia on soft cushions remained infirm and languishing. He drew from it a work rich and precious wherein sculpted was my image, and in a long story he recounted his amorous fire: how little he cared about the love of Eusina, the daughter of his stepmother, whom the king his father wanted to give him as wife, together with her despising the great empire of Thrace.

This was because he had turned toward me, his dear beloved who had become the idol of his heart, the thoughts and wishes for which, in secretly leaving his paternal kingdom, he was then the cause that unhappy Eusina, to herself cruel, by a desperate desire, by her unrequited love burned and impelled, opened her breast with her own naked blade. After that, he became in his demeanor humble and charming; kneeling, he prayed that of his so-great daring I would make the correction, by taking away his life, which to him was valuable only in order to serve me.

At the sudden and never-foreseen shams discovered, at the unsuspected frauds, at the unprecedented incident, think, my Nurse, what state I was in. Celinda, A Tragedy of being held infamous and a murderess, since he wanted then with a naked knife to pierce his chest. Here, Nurse, begins the story, miserable and sorrowful, of my lost virginity. He won in the end, thanks to cruel Love; therefore, joining to this hand of mine his no less strong than amorous hand, of his faithfulness a firm pledge to be my bridegroom he gave.

Ah, night more beautiful than every other, but more than every other faithless and wretched! In thinking of it I feel my heart melt like cold snow in the sun on a bright hill. Nurse Ah, Night! There never was nor will be one than you more malicious and wicked. There is yet worse, for the king my father by now of nothing else thinks than with my nuptials, ah me! Nurse Momentous indeed is the cause, and grave, which induces you to suffer.

But console in part your grief, for with a happy fate Heaven will steal away your many cares. Nutrice Con le lagrime vostre Giungete duolo a duolo. Nurse Temper, daughter, your amorous blaze. Nurse With your tears you add grief to grief. What course of action must be taken to bring to an end the horrible war which for her has already arisen?

Celinda, A Tragedy for as the prey of a lover who wears enemy insignia, only at adverse fortune would I rejoice. Nurse And if alas! Celinda I fear not, my Nurse, with Autilio in the field for such is the name of my Lucinia , that the squadrons of the enemy might cause my father humiliation and outrage. Nurse What do you mean, Autilio in the field? If indeed in a short skirt, with long tresses, unarmed, with you he stays, and slothful? Bellicose in demeanor, to wage war against both my heart and also Heaven, he intends to go into the field to the perilous battle.

He hopes, with the continued life of the king my father, to find certain victory. Nurse May Heaven permit it. But because I seem to hear people around here, let us go into the palace, for more honorably you will be able to espy of the battlefield and of the war every secret from the highest balcony.

Chorus of Ladies61 O dear, O sacred Peace,62 O daughter of great Jove, O eternal preserver of the lovely eternal circuits of the wandering planets, from the realms where there is no winter, where it does not thunder or rain, turn toward us with pity your holy eyes, and with celestial help give peace to souls, and to hearts, life.

You who yoked first to the curved plow the oxen, and a rustic hand you allowed to gather from the fertile bosom of the ancient mother as many fruits as are distributed to nature, by nature, and art, defend those who pray to you. Thus the peaceful state we will enjoy of sweet, beloved repose. But why are you so sorrowful and so pensive? Come, clear away every fear, every fright, 15 every figment of horror from your soft breast.

Although now with a thousand armed ranks the enemy king has encircled our kingdom, less reason it provides for you to take fright. Lucinia Mother, and my lady for so I must out of reverence and love call you , if within the royal apartments to seek me a wearisome care 40 drew you, in vain you roamed. Listen, I will tell you the reason. Therefore I, full of horror, here where my foot drew me more than my heart, find myself in the end, 50 without knowing where to wander or to turn.

Armilla Out of the terror of portents, happy and lucky auguries compassionate Heaven often promises us, and their secrets the gods cover under a mantle of horror. From a servant it will make you a lady and a queen. Lucinia, now more precious garments 70 will be seen to adorn your graceful limbs, and your beautiful golden hair, now artless, artfully perhaps unkempt, will be seen decorated with gems and gold; to it will yield in charm both gems and gold.

Did his daughter consent to obey him? Armilla I will see you yourself on a lofty throne seated, shining in purple and in gold, and from the servile yoke your neck released, and a royal crown encircle your hair. Lucinia Voi, signora, stringete in picciol fascio Gran cose, alte promesse Che in sol pensarle impallidisco e tremo.

As a humble servant to my king I want to live. For limbs yet worthier let the scepter and mantle 95 be reserved, and let the royal crown encircle other locks, worthier because royal-blooded. With a simple veil my unkempt tresses let me instead encircle, and dress my flank with a lowly skirt appropriate to my humble fortune. Armilla Lowly attire does not cover your noble light, nor how much it is proud and fine, for a regal majesty shines through you, as well our king knows. He is already so taken with your many divine endowments that his heart cannot contain the blaze and the fire which for you burn him, consume and undo him.

Therefore to ask you to wife he is resolved. Just now he has urged me on with such a request, and with tokens of faith as well he sends me, which you see here. In the private room he awaits us, where he as a witness will call Jove, with Hymen, with the other gods. And as a sign of faith he promises to adorn your right hand with a golden gem, and to make you in the end the consort of his life and of his kingdom.

Lucinia You, lady, clasp in a small bundle great matters, momentous promises, such that in merely thinking of them I grow pale and tremble. That he desires me as his consort, and requests it— as an unmerited and undesired grace I recognize it, and it grieves me that I do not have a way to thank His Highness. Deh, scaccia ogni spavento, ogni temenza! Non creder, figlia, a i sogni, Che di rado o non mai Fede suol prestar loro alma prudente. Armilla Daughter, two are the gates, ivory the one, of horn the other, from which issue dreams; from the former the false ones, the true ones emerge from the latter.

Certainly this one of yours was to the truth I adhere a lying, horrid phantasm which came to you through the ivory door, not at all a truthful dream. Do not believe, daughter, in dreams, for rarely or never is a prudent soul accustomed to put faith in them. Ma che sogno? Fu vision verace. The immortal soul, into the divinity of itself withdrawn at that time, becomes such that it penetrates and discerns them as in a lucid mirror, or in a transparent and limpid crystal.

It was a truthful vision. Then, roaring, a fierce lion appeared which with claws and with bites wounded and killed now this one, now that one. With his talons he tore them apart into shreds and more shreds, sating with these his greedy hungers. He was horribly brawling with another lion which had shortly before come out from the great gate of the royal palace, near the passageway, and strong, armed ranks of bold soldiers followed him, ready to share with the lion an equal fortune.

Upon a ferocious courser seated, I appeared to wield the lance and sword and to make with my blood the weapons vermilion in the service of that lion which I too followed. In the end I saw him defeated and bound and captured, led to the depths of eternal oblivion. Celinda, A Tragedy not only the battlefield thunder around us, but all of Lydia and the innermost valleys. From the great roar she was fleeing, no less than I; and upon seeing me a fugitive in my actions, from my flight she learned even greater flight.

Then chagrined and sorrowful and indeed of death desirous, toward the point of my naked blade, which my right hand held gripped, the wretch turned her breast and transfixed herself. Now if my fear is vain, you yourself tell me, and whether today I have reason to rejoice. Resta tu lieta, figlia, E dando pace al core Rasserena il bel guardo.

Come, let the delirium draw to a close. Let us go inside the palace; already the hour has passed that the king to me prescribed. Lucinia As usual, to the rooms of Celinda I will go, to come later at the command of my lord. There I will be waiting. Armilla So be it. You be happy, daughter. And as merit above every other woman it gave you, no less will it grant you supreme felicity. But what sobs, ah me, what sad presages 10 of tears are these, and of sighs?

Clear up, my sun, your vivid rays,70 15 and chase away the clouds by which they are mantled with a moist veil, revealing in the fair theater of your comely visage your usual happy beauty with its emblems; from these will have no shelter or protection 20 the ranks of the enemy, by you so greatly feared. O beautiful right hand, O dear beloved pledge71 of friendship and of peace, how can I, under auspices so grand, 25 fear bonds or chains or a hard encounter?

Rather, why must I not hope happily for a fine victory and a fortunate outcome? Why do you despair of delight and joy? Celinda With Lucinia every light 30 alas! No other grief strikes at my heart, 35 for no other cause did I ever learn how grief teaches people to distill tears outwardly, than for this one.

Now that for departure I see you ready, my heart fears. Nor does reasoning have the force 40 to decrease my grief even a little bit, for just as a fire by the wind is reinforced, so too by contrary reasonings my grief advances more. So much yours I am; yours forever and ever 55 I want to be; and I shall want it until of my mortal, fragile burden the bitter Fate severs the thread and gives me to the lap of Death. Trust in this, O dear, O beautiful soul of my soul, for whom I breathe. And more, I swear to you as well, by that torch which in your beautiful eyes 70 Love placed, not to change my mind if first I do not cross Lethe or Acheron.

Let Mars wake me all the way from sleep to weapons. Let the trumpets invite me, along with the neighing of the proud coursers, to the wearisome 75 risk of battle. Let helm and breastplate of my tresses and skirt take the place. Let it not be, however, that I, a warrior lover, from the insignia of Love stray or depart. I want to pursue the martial contest 80 only as far as Love allows. A suoi fedeli Amor gli onori e le vittorie acquista.

Celinda, A Tragedy I want to lay down my skirt, my girdle, and my tresses— weapons precious and dear 85 with which I, his audacious champion, until now have soldiered. And here onto my flank I want the beautiful hand which grips my heart to gird my golden sword; and to your glory I want to dress in other arms, to go fearlessly to the field 90 where your father-in-law has assembled a host great and powerful to the ruin of your beloved kingdom, and then to go forth ingloriously I do not fear.

For his faithful followers, honors and victories Love acquires. Victorious will be my return. I will conduct to you as a prisoner the king my father. Come, look at your faithful bridegroom. Turn upon me tranquilly the dear light of your vivid eyes, so that from them vigor ever greater by their rays may be inspired in my breast; do not let it be disturbed by weeping.

Celinda Oh, wretched, unhappy, unfortunate Celinda, princess of grief, rich in sorrows, poor in delights, queen only in name, and maidservant in effect! Between two fierce, contrary, harsh desires my uncertain heart is suspended, nor does it know where to turn. The one wants me to follow you; the other wants me to flee you.

Io mai fuggirvi? Ah, dunque io seguirovvi Vostra fedel consorte, Vostra leal amante, Tra le fortune avverse e le feconde! I ever flee you? Sooner trees will be made green again by Winter; from their bed sooner the rivers will flee; and sooner from my body the soul will flee than I from you will flee. Ah, therefore I will follow you as your faithful consort, your loyal lover, among fortunes both adverse and propitious.

But what pain ever in the fair kingdom of Love to another was offered that might compare to this my unhappy desire? But if I think about parting, for excessive pain I feel myself waste away. Not so speedily does tender grass, cut off by a fierce scythe, dry up, as I with such a thought am drained of blood. Lucinia A fierce and cruel lord, an unjust judge Love must be called when one he inflames and the other he freezes, and with contrasting desires at two hearts he aims.

But we in discord or with impious desires kindled are not, no! Nor is our situation such that we might justly chide his laws, for if Fortune to us just as rebellious shows herself, as on the other hand Love is propitious, if with a single arrow in our hearts he made the blow sweet and the wound equivalent, a just and dear lord, not cruel, let us call Love. Ahi, lassa! O labbra o rose, spento Veggio il vostro vermiglio, e ancor io vivo? Che deggio far?

Perhaps to come forth you attempt, although untimely? Do not make it plain, my dear and beloved son, conceived in joy and now nourished in tears. Ah me, who steals me away? Hold me up, ah me! I am falling, alas. Lucinia O Juno, great goddess, O of those to be born the author, O kindly goddess of childbirth, my bride, my darling, my soul, I recommend her completely to you, ah me!

Ah me, what sorrow stabs your heart? O lips, O roses, extinguished I see your vermilion, and yet I live? What must I do? Lucinia Che pensate, mia vita, Far eterna partita? Celinda, A Tragedy a remedy to so much sorrow. But it seems she is coming to. Ah me, I breathe again. Celinda Aiee, Death, friendly Death, oh do not depart, do not leave! Ah me, to their pitiless, hateful duties my afflicted spirits return. Lucinia What! Are you thinking, my life, of departing forever? Celinda Deprived of me, my lord, you shall not be for long.

Neither with me shall die this my heart, because, so that it would live, in you Love has enclosed it. Lucinia A single spirit will give life to two bodies, so perhaps we both shall live happier than is now promised us by wicked Fortune. Today as a messenger of the king, a messenger of Love, to me came Armilla. Momentous embassies from your sire she brought me, and said that he wants me for his lover and his bride, the consort of his bed and his kingdom, and this evening in the soft bed I should lie with him and his desire fulfill.

Celinda, A Tragedy Celinda Here is the very one you speak of. Lucinia Ah me! Do not be disturbed. Celinda Yes, if only, wretched me! I might be able to do so much. Celinda Exalted lord and father, it is certainly right, if you must toil in war, 10 and upon your regal limbs the heavy burden impose of weapons at that age precisely which asks for quiet and repose, that also your daughter at so much motion revives, and fears. Cubo Not of tender affection, but of a spirit lowly and completely base 30 both weeping and fear are evidence.

Chase away, chase away from yourself such wicked enemies, if you want to be a dear and beloved daughter to me. If you evince a spirit entirely regal, it demonstrates effects in conformity with your royal blood. I marvel and am amazed that at a more tender age a stronger heart you demonstrated, at the time when enemies more serious and more powerful 40 waged war on my kingdom.

Go by all means into the palace, and together with you the Nurse, and let the great ladies of the court prepare the celebrations for victory, along with the worthiest women of my kingdom. Celinda, A Tragedy your soul, and your limbs with a superb mantle with royal purple intertwined, and with gold. Chorus of Ladies Of so worthy a lord, of a spirit so indomitable, 55 these are indeed worthy words.

Let us all be consoled. And you O lady who in the guise of a beautiful sun shine all around, such that from you the kingdom has light , live cheerfully and with a magnificent show. For since usually to me Heaven is friendly, always propitious to my desired endeavors, it will grant me that, now an old father, I shall see myself rejuvenate cheerfully 75 like a new Aeson,81 not by way of enchantments, but through the valor of your fertile offspring, in whom in spite of time and death I shall live for a thousand lustrums,82 and a thousand ages.

Clear up therefore, now clear up your brow, 80 nor allow it anymore to turn sad and disturbed, but upon my breast lay down your cares. Cubo Cosi permetteran, figlia, li dei. Ma vedi ecco venire la tua nutrice, La tua fida custode. Resti meco Lucinia, ordeni e leggi Abbia da noi segrete, e poi ti segua. Cubo Such will the gods permit, daughter. But see, here comes your Nurse, your faithful guardian. Now you with her go off toward the private rooms.

Let Lucinia stay with me. Secret orders and directives let her have from us, and then let her follow you. Lucinia Your will is my law. Cubo And you, wise Nurse, into whose safekeeping, into whose tending I have given my delights and my dearest and most beloved treasure, guard my daughter, and from her heart chase away with your speech these fears. A me, nella cui mano Sta il disporne a mia voglia?

Celinda Father and lord, since you command it, I depart. Cubo Go, daughter. May Heaven give you as much delight and joy as it gave you beauty. A king who has the knowledge together with the forces to subjugate provinces and kingdoms? And shall I tolerate it, that a woman base and illborn, 5 whom I honor with my love, refuses to return my love?

In whose hand it lies to dispose of her according to my whim? I made known to you my love; it was told you by Armilla, 10 the faithful secretary of my wishes. You heard from her how through my heart a blaze is snaking, even more fiercely and more voraciously since I know that for you with your foolishness a pyre it shall form, 15 where the lethal flame of my anger will ignite and burn you and scatter you.

Spregiar il mio? Ma vaglia in tua difesa Che pregia pudicizia alma ben nata. Ma dove tu ricusi? Ove non vaglia. Lucinia Quai potenti nemici han congiurato 45 Contra lo stato mio, lassa e dolente? But one can say in your defense that a wellborn soul prizes chastity. But when do you refuse? When it is not applicable. Honor is secure, with the knot of Hymen to join you to your lord as a dear consort; to your lord, who wants to make you a queen, 30 to give you a scepter in hand, a crown on your locks.

Blame or punishment one does not have, who does not deserve it. And perhaps I should believe what about you the crowd whispers: that you like to go freely wandering. Lucinia What powerful enemies have conspired 45 against my condition, poor sad me? I contemptuous of you? Or of your commands?

I am not so crazy as not to know that I, thanks to Heaven which gave me as much light and knowledge as miseries and pains, 50 am a servant, and a humble servant of a king as powerful as he is great and just. Che ne direbbe il regno? Ah, pria di me si faccia Spettacolo funesto al regno intorno! And if as the queen and the lady 65 of my dear lord I dared to raise up to highest matrimony my infirm wishes— in that case, what woman was ever notorious for boldness like mine?

What would the kingdom say? What would your exalted daughter say? If from a humble maidservant, or rather one bought for money as a slave girl, she saw me become her stepmother? Ah, may Heaven take away the veil of blindness from your eyes. Ah, sooner let of me be made a mournful spectacle for the whole realm. Only let me perish before others come to desire my death, 85 before Earth and Heaven hold me in their wrath.

Lucinia Reggon ben i pensier, non la ragione. Cubo Invincibil sei tu, qual Idra fiera. Cubo If entreaties cannot, force can. Cubo It is right when frenzied Love spurs him on. Lucinia Love does not force, where reason is opposed. Cubo Reason is not there, where the senses rule. Lucinia He cannot command who was born a servant and a slave. Lucinia Certainly they rule thoughts, not reason.

Cubo And yet by the senses reason is defeated? Lucinia He is never defeated who is born invincible. Cubo You are invincible, like a fierce Hydra. Lucinia Niun felice in questa vita vive. Cubo Vivrei felice nel morirti in braccio. Cubo Defeat your cruelty, in loving me. Lucinia He cannot win who does not abhor caprices. Cubo In this he endures toil, whoever is mortal. Lucinia With toil man ends up glorious. Lucinia No one in this life lives happily.

Cubo I would live happily when dying in your arms. Lucinia As by the sun a small cloud is defeated, just so death cuts short our pleasures. Cubo Therefore you are disposed sooner to die than to delight me? Vil femmina del volgo Voi che con tuo disnor, con la tua morte Faccia le voglie mie paghe e contente? Vattene a le tue stanze, e quivi aspetta Di veder di te stessa un fiero scempio.

Non creder o pensar che nel vederti Morirti di desio Io mi prenda diletto; Troppo, troppo aspra e fiera Sarei, troppo inumana, Che sol da la tua vita Pende questa mia vita. Celinda, A Tragedy Refusing in me both a lover and a consort? You, a base woman of the mob, who with your dishonor, with your death might satisfy and content my wishes? I shall do it to your disrepute, and that body which I wished to see adorned, with a royal mantle enwrapped, I will enjoy exposing nude to the furor of the soldiers, and then chased away.

From here you will go as an unchaste servant, a base woman, a bold wench, and infamous monster. Go to your rooms and there wait to see your own fierce ruination. You will no longer experience love, you will encounter hate. Like an angered lion which its bonds disdains, I will break the chains, I will shatter those links with which Love gripped me, I will tremble with furor, and I will tear you to shreds, O my desired prey.

Lucinia I will go, Sire, I will obey. But I entreat your goodness that, because reluctant you see me in that which my heart fears, you do not ascribe the blame to an obstinate disposition. Do not believe or think that in seeing you dying from desire, in it I take delight. And in time of war exert himself in the gymnasium of Love, as if fleeing the martial assaults?

They are powerful opposites, nor will it ever be that a man might undividedly follow both love and martial emblems. Recall, my lord, that life and fame Augustus took from Antony, and his ruin was the idleness of love, for it would have been better for him never Egypt to see, and Cleopatra, not even her name. Oh fortunati amplessi Che mi faranno a pien lieta e beata! Now let my charge therefore be only to beseech you with livelier affection to turn your thoughts to the warlike enterprise, to liberate this afflicted city, to console the grieving populace, your sorrowful daughter, and the other unwarlike women.

And if to me so much by you is granted, after the victory shall either Lydia or the world see a more fortunate woman? Dear to me then it will be when by those arms my neck and my flank are encircled. O fortunate embraces, that will make me fully happy and blessed!

Cubo You, in weaving a false veil of deceptions, ask that I allow you to go forth, an unwarlike female, to the perilous battlefield, with the certain expectation of ending up among a thousand swords dispatched, rather than as the beloved prey of me, your dear and eviscerated lover. I know these artifices, and I do not approve them. For the war of Love and not of Mars Nature generated you.

To you Heaven did not give so much. For your enterprises Love has destined other weapons and another field. Lucinia Sometimes Love encloses in delicate breasts no less valor than in robust hearts. I have wielded the lance and handled the shield, and I have reined in and spurred on more than one courser in great perils; by this Heaven, by this sun I swear it to you.

Let it be granted you to dress in a hauberk and weapons. But first let a knight of my court come against you in a trial. Lucinia O di giusto signor giusta sentenza! Chorus of Ladies What more ferocious and more frenzied claw, what more piercing and vigorous dart, what more fleet and well-fletched arrow will it be that in our hearts causes greater pain? Let it not be base or frail, if we are to feel respect for the excesses of pain from the dear son of the beautiful Cyprian.

The tenderest affection, at first coaxing with a serene look, subjects to itself souls—and breasts and hearts it leaves as trophies of his painful ardors. This one in the pretty hills of the Elysian fields, where there is eternal serenity, among a thousand flowers and dear soft little grasses, was born, while at table with their ambrosia the eternal deities were seated. And having sprung forth as charming as he was handsome, he was believed to be compassionate; but he dominated haughtily as soon as he was born, as soon as he opened his eyes, not only among us, but in the heavens, in the sea, in the rivers.

And not esteeming filial affections, he made his mother the servant of unchaste delights. Wretched man, who while already old acts childish, and does not realize his grave error, for among white hairs it is not well for Love to encamp.

Ma, lasso, ove mi spinge 40 Troppo soverchio amore, Troppo fiero dolore? Celinda, A Tragedy which of your lady made you worthy? The fates have conspired to my ruin; the stars hold in contempt my daring; for an error I did not commit I bear the penalty. Today the king has chosen me so that I alone must 10 cast a shadow over all my Spartan offspring, and submerge in Lethe my every deed that has brought fame and luster to my name. He sets me to the trial of a one-on-one contest, not indeed with a woman accustomed either in an enclosed field 15 or in an open one to exert her right hand in the fierce customs of Mars, such as was Zenobia,91 or she who boldly ran to Babylonian ruin.

It is necessary for me to go forth in single combat with a woman accustomed to the distaff, to the spindle, who a hauberk and a destrier receives as a gift from the effeminate king, for so I want 25 to call Cubo today. But alas, where am I driven 40 by too immoderate love? Too fierce sorrow? Ma non deggio ubbedir al mio signore? Che riporti? But must I not obey my lord? I will deride the vain thought of the damsel desirous of fame and poor in merits; and as the victor, of my defeated opponent a gift 50 I will make to the king, who for her has shown desire.

I know well how much he burns with a hidden flame— a new Etna who on his back has snows and ice, while an eternal blaze burns his heart. But here comes now a boyish herald, 55 charming in aspect and with a noble semblance, in barbarous clothing with gold intertwined. At his side hangs a curved sword; with an assegai he arms his bold right hand, no less with boldness than with beauties armed.

What do you report? And who sends you? Herald Attamante of Sparta, illustrious and renowned, whose valor to all the world is known, 65 to you the noble woman warrior sends me. With noble arms adorned, to the field she has gone forth, for she is already impatient at the delay. For you alone do the assembled people wait; you alone the knights are awaiting.

And our king, happier than usual, smiles at the fine thought of the damsel 75 who greatly for your tardiness reproaches you. Why are you delaying, solitary and unarmed? Araldo Io vo, ma ancor tu tosto mi segui. And her valor you do not esteem? Here I was tarrying in order not to come before completely enclosed she was in the armor, for in that case she might wound me first with her shining eyes.

Herald I go; but yet, quickly follow me. Attamante Go, for I follow your steps and no longer do I delay. It took a Miracle Nice stuff, to get almost laughed. But the Old Man had not yet played all his cards and the theoretical virtual this word did not exist at that time, had yet to be coined passed to something more "practical". We wanted to, if not a Miracle, at least one Magic. More practical than that! In those days it was still believed in Magic.

Maybe he is not the Master of the House? They went a little further up to "Becca". There, the Rangers knew that there was a Powerful Eco. It would have been easy to communicate with the Sovereign. They called Emilius and he answered. With a great big voice, but in a polite manner. They called him again and he again replied, but more clearly.

It understood. And is water. So turn away these Bastards who kill my poor Steinbocks, which is my royal ornament! Right there, next to the small hut, nestled in the rocky end of his left leg, which is the Western Ridge. The Baron, drunk with joy, rubbed his hands: "Now I want to see them, the ones there".

And his Rangers were not happy without him. The order was to make the cannons roar and rumble of the same, a few hours later, spread across the valleys, from Mulac and from the Great Chaux, where there its Headquarters. War and Hunting. Anzi l'aveva attraversato iniziando la colonizzazione del versante opposto, ovvero quello che, nel Comune di Champdepraz, apre le porte al Parco Naturale del Monte Avic.

Il "povero" Barone era disperato. Un Regno immenso. Bello per vivere, ma molto difficile da assoggettar a stretto controllo. Un gioco da ragazzi per questi Lazzaroni di Bracconieri. Invece i Guardiacaccia dovevan, dalle Laures per arrivare nell'Arpisson, attraversare "l'ostico" Col Peckoz.

Eran sempre in ritardo. E quando, a prezzo di rischi, pericoli e paure, arrivavan eran Che fare? Il Barone fece attrezzare la traversata che dal Col Peckoz porta allo Spallone della Testa Blantsette; vi fece conficcar fittoni nella roccia, dei quali ancor oggi esiston segni.

Basta saper guardar con occhio attento. Da Bracconiere Ma anche in codesto modo non veniva risolto il problema. I Bracconieri eran sempre in vantaggio ed, a volte, i Guardiaparco neppur riuscian a transitar causa il ghiaccio sulle rocce. Logicamente al Colle Carrel, appena sotto a Settentrione. Esisteva un sol problema: non c'era l'acqua.

Un bel problem nel problema. Ed il Cielo diede. Ci voleva un Miracolo Bella roba, da ridere. Ci voleva, se non'un Miracolo, almen'a Magia. In quei tempi si credeva ancor nelle Magie. Sarebbe stato facile comunicar col Sovrano.

Invocaron l'Emilius e lui rispose. Con un gran vocione, ma in modo educato. Si capiron. E sia Acqua. Ed i suoi Guardiaparco eran felici non men di lui. L'ordin era far tuonare i cannoni ed il rombo degli stessi, poche ore dopo, si sparse nelle valli; da Mulac e dalla Grande Chaux, ove esistevan i suoi Quartieri Generali. Di Guerra e di Caccia.

Taking again a little pee, but more down to the bottom edge of Glacier Western Arpisson, gave birth to a second pond. Of this no one knows anything, not even the Geographical Maps report it, but it exists. The Emilius, who is also a softie, he also thought the thirst of those poor mountaineers, who came up from the Valley of th'Arpisson.

He had begun to see them from Summer of , when the bold roped-Daniele Devalle, with two excellent Mountain Guides Valtournanche, the day before he had even climbed the Virgin Becca Seneva, impenetrable Wall along its West, and the next day had "scratched" his powerful North Wall opening a path under the Little Emilius, wandering a little bit about "his" North to finally conclude with the West Ridge, still untouched. But Emilius, which is also an Old Elephant with memory, that's so, elephant remembered even further in time past, when another climber, perhaps even bolder but a little confusing, had already tried to challenge his Northern Abyss.

It was September 18th, when the famous Martino Baretti, together with Luigi Bruno, stormed to an imaginary wall or ridge we would say the first one arriving at a hundred meters from the Summit and then retreat. We tell it in the "Bulletin" C. From the top. Unable to fetch higher for the condition of the rocks However, a great test of courage. For the Period. Gave up with them.

He did not, unfortunately, could not do anything to help them, there was still no GPS to follow them! But, at this point, he had an idea: how he had helped the Baron Peckoz and his Rangers, also had to help these intrepid that, incidentally, wrote to him upon his History, and delivered for Eternity to Mass Media.

Without their help and courage would have remained a small mountain to goatherds or, at most, hunters. So much so that even the Praetorians and the Legionaries of Caesar Augustus knew what it was called. Passed, looked at him with suspicion, but then pulled straight towards Gaul. I do not even know who he was. Shall have no other Emilius before Me But then rightly reflected, without these brave creeping along its walls or toiling over his crest he would remain None.

He thought deeply. Then he developed a fundamental concept: Privacy. Will only quench the thirst of Heroes, the Ephemeral these Heroes who risk their lives for nothing. Gave birth to him at night. In great secrecy. Then he shoved a Password, so I could only use the Workers in ascents. They are requested, these Pirates, Crest " of Three of the Capuchins.

They can locate and, in return, drink. Those who come down from there, take care of themselves. This is only a pond only for the Elects. For them will be a Ghost Lake, the result of some kind of bales Blustery Di questo nessun sa nulla; nemmen le Carte Geografiche lo segnalano, ma esiste. Aveva incominciato a vederli dall'Estate del , quando l'audace cordata Devalle-Daniele, con due ottime Guide della Valtournanche, il giorno prima aveva salito l'ancor Vergine Becca di Seneva, lungo la sua ostica Parete Ovest, ed il giorno appresso aveva "graffiato" la sua poderosa Parete Nord aprendo una via sotto al Piccolo Emilius, girovagando un poco sulla "sua" Nord per infine concludere con la Cresta Ovest, ancor inviolata.

Era il 18 Settembre quando il celeberrimo Martino Baretti, insieme a Luigi Bruno, diede l'assalto ad una fantomatica Parete o Cresta noi diremmo la prima arrivando ad un centinaio di metri dalla Vetta per poi batter in ritirata. Ce lo raccontan nel "Bollettino" C.

Comunque una grande prova di coraggio. Per l'Epoca. Non aveva, purtroppo, potuto nulla fare per aiutarli: non esisteva ancora il GPS per seguirli! Senza il loro aiuto e coraggio sarebbe rimasto una montagnetta per caprari o, al massimo, cacciatori. Non sapevan neppur chi fosse. Non avrete altr'Emilius all'infuori di Me In gran segreto. Si rivolgano, questi Pirati, alla Cresta "dei Tre Cappuccini".

Anzi, per sicurezza, lo vedranno solo quando saran sulle pareti. Potranno individuarlo ed, al ritorno, dissetarsi. Tutti gli altri, cartografi compresi, gli passeranno a latere ma non lo vedranno. They sense both versions, but we lean to the first, especially for toponymic evidence of the past, where it was called Emilius Mount Chamosier or Berrio which means Boulder or simply Stone Chamosser. But with this we identified a whole area, such as incidentally to Monte Cervino meaning of the "Serva", ie the forest.

Incidentally in ancient times had other things to do than think about climbing mountains. This factor was developed much later, from about ', driven by wealthy people: Priests, Englishs, Naturalists, Nobles and Notables.

But at that time the lake was Lake of Chamois, who went to drink cows, goats, sheep, sheepdogs, chamois and ibex a little less and also the "Beiciullet" the youth pastor and the "Beicciun "or" Baccan " the main and old , that is, one who, recalling the herd in great voice, makes noise. All together. And sometimes we began a gunshot. Not for fun, as it is today, but because then the meat was prized commodity. Two chamois in more and in less than a cow to break down. Final Report: more meat and even milk and cheese.

To be able to survive in the harsh Mountain Life. I wonder if the girl had been the daughter of a farmer or a shepherd. These Priests, always Pimps and Opportunists. And where the dedication could not even a Pope Pius X was successful for a youngster in the early stages in the mountains. And there is no need of Approval of the Bishop!

But, back to us, we said of the hill. Before passing only the pastors, or some isolated Hunter. And these only knew the lake, with their Herds and Flocks. Our lake began to understand what was the Bella Vita. Turning, climb, descend, wander. To be alive and dynamic. Did not like me, who are forced to sit still here. Never a vacation, never a day off, never a day outside.

Thousands From of years I have to take the water that Black Head sends me down, hold it and then send it in to the shepherds. Which lies! I almost do a different look. A Revolution! Instead of being round, as are all the lakes, I want to become "Different" and take the shape of a boot. A Boot of Mountain, so, at least ideally, I can take these guys in their climbs. Incidentally, although I'm old, I have always maintained a Spirit Youth". Then turned into a beautiful lake in the shape of Mountain Boot, with the tip pointing towards Col Replan Northeast and the heel towards the Black Head.

As if to turn them away, to want to make her understand that he was tired of doing his slave. And for free. Really looks like a boot! Hanno senso entrambe le versioni, ma noi propendiamo per la prima, soprattutto per i riscontri toponomastici del passato, dove l'Emilius era Chiamato Monte Chamosier o Berrio che vuole dire Sasso Chamosser. Ma con questo si individuava una zona intera, come daltronde per Cervino che significa Monte della "Serva", ossia della foresta.

Daltronde nei tempi antichi avevano ben altro da far che pensar di scalar montagne. E qualche volta partiva una schioppettata. Per potere sopravvivere nella dura Vita di Montagna. Questi Preti, sempre Ruffiani ed Opportunisti. Ma, tornando a noi, dicevamo del colle. Prima passavan solo i Pastori, o qualche isolato Cacciatore. E solo questi il Lago conosceva, con le loro Mandrie e Greggi.

Girare, salire, scendere, girovagare. Essere vivi e dinamici. Non come me, che son costretto a star fermo qua. Mai una vacanza, mai un giorno di ferie, mai un giorno di riposo. Che balle! Quasi quasi mi faccio un look diverso. Una Rivoluzione! Invece d'essere tondo, come son tutti i laghi, voglio diventare "diverso" e prendo la forma d'uno scarpone. Voglio essere un di loro e, almeno virtualmente, far le stesse cose che fan. Daltronde, anche se son vecchio, ho sempre mantenuto uno Spirito Giovanile".

Quasi a girar le spalle, a voler farle capir ch'era stufo di fare il suo schiavetto. E gratis. Sembra davvero uno scarpone! The first, or West Lake, is represented on maps with a surface extension almost triple compared to the second or Eastern, an emissary of the latter, no longer than forty metres, the "links" to the previous one giving the impression , erroneous, a single lake.

In some years and in certain periods of the season the reservoir top, even if only slightly, greatly expands its size, so as to prevent the passage of direct and compelling to a wide circle on its Northern shore. These waters, leaving the same, flow underground for a short distance, then continue along the valley flowing in the light of the sun and going to meet with groundwater from a mini lake m , located at the base of the Western slope of the Pas du Valaisan m.

Near a branch also comes from the Lac de l'Echo m , which in turn fed by a spring, which was created under the Col Ross m and the "Little Lakes of Boulders" m , just to the west of Lake Gelato. In practice, the Mom and Dad of our two lakes. This research in the pedigree of our two lakes was necessary to understand their history, the real one. It seems that the twins, children of the same parents, grandparents and grandchildren of the same great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents better or less similar once they went okay.

Everyone was pulling on his way right, one to the West and the other from there, but all in all there were disagreements, disputes or envy and jealousy, some small skirmish when the waters swelled and began to cross the boundaries of the property, but nothing more. There were no cries of strong arguments and the only item that ran in the walloon was that of Celestine, to call his steers from the drinking.

Indeed not to do harm to no one sent them a little here and a little there to keep the harmony with both lakes. When rebelled problems? Then women One day there came a beautiful blonde girl. Maybe Swedish, with blue eyes, like those of the two lakes. If they both fell in love: "But this is the Fairy of my Blue Eyes even more! The Omelette was done. From that day did not look any more. Neither is talking. That of "above" had built a booth with a cape, taking refuge behind a bend; reluctantly threw in the waters of the "below", which took them as forced.

The poor Celestine had tried to make peace. But to no avail. And, if you go to see, is it still so Today. One hundred Men can get along with each other, but if you put a Woman In determinati anni ed in certi periodi della stagione l'invaso superiore, anche se di poco, allarga notevolmente le sue dimensioni, tanto da impedir il passaggio diretto ed obbligando ad un largo giro sulla sua sponda Settentrionale. Queste acque, uscendo dal medesimo, scorrono per breve tratto sotterranee; poi proseguono lungo il vallone scorrendo alla luce del sole ed andando a riunirsi con quelle sotterranee provenienti da un mini laghetto m , posto alla base del Versante Occidentale del Pas du Valaisan m.

Insieme ad un'altra fonte sottostante il Col Garin m ; sono acque sotterranee provenienti dal Lago Garin sul versante Arpisson? Questa ricerca nell'albero genealogico dei due nostri laghi era necessaria per fare comprendere la loro Storia, quella vera. Narrava, offrendoci una calda fetta di "polenta e brossa piatto tipico ed esclusivo della Valle d'Aosta a base di farina gialla mista ad una particolare lavorazione del latte a noi, fradici per la neve mangiata ed ingerita durante l'intera giornata, al ritorno dalla Punta Centrale della Punta Rossa metri circa , questa storia particolare che nessun conosce.

Par che i due gemelli, figli degli stessi genitori, nipoti dei medesimi nonni e con bisnonni e trisavoli meglio o meno simili, andasser 'na volta daccordo. Non esistevan grida di forti litigi e l'unica voce che correva nella valle era quella del Celestino, per richiamar i suoi manzi dall'abbeveraggio. Quando insorsero i problemi? Poi le donne Forse 'na Svedese, con gli occhi azzurri, come quelli dei due laghi.

La Frittata era fatta. Neppur si parlavan. Il poero Celestino avea si cercato di far Pace. Ma inutilmente. Cento Uomin posson andar daccordo tra lor, ma se ci mettete 'na Donna The "Miracolaous" Minipond of Pas du Valaisan. And this is not a legend, but a true story. It depends, then, as one is able to interpret it.

Ve tell. It was August 25, , when arriving from Punta Rossa, after making the first ascent of the East Wall and its crossing of the three tips, The Roby and I go down to the "terrible" Pas du Valaisan I m ; descend with caution being careful not to get us, one with the other, and arrive at the base stones on him.

We are hungry, thirsty and tired. A day long and laborious. Even at night, rising to Pila, we had seen the Spaceship "Mother" of UFOs approximately meters long, with eight portholes, and then exit from the wall had come off completely the soles of my boots "Munari Eiger", of the Nevertheless, in the late afternoon of that day we were here late Summer.

A providential pond I m greeted us. Had water so dirty and brown for soil, which come faveva disgust at the mere thought of being able to drink. The second problem was to put something under your teeth. My backpack was completely empty. But The Roby had a lovely tin of tuna and peas. I could think of Nobile's expedition to the Pole with the Red Tent. Not is that the case is suffering from botulism?

The Roby looked at her with curiosity, turning his head this way and that, surprised and astonished. Unfazed, in front of him. The Roby looked shocked: "But it has not gone bad? And he does it again Today!. The pond Valaisan had "regenerated", but Roby, who is an Unbeliever, turns with his head crooked again. Did not believe in miracles, and when I ask him:" But you have to tell the truth.

The gunship, with the eight portholes, the view you or not ". Answers:" Ah! You made me do those raised at night, you made me see even UFOs. This is not Legend, but true Story! Ve la raccontiamo. Era il 25 Agosto , quando arrivando dalla Punta Rossa, dopo aver effettuato la prima salita della Parete Est e relativa traversata delle tre punte, Il Roby ed io scendiamo pel "terrible" Pas du Valaisan m ; scendiam con cautela facendo attenzion a non tirarci, un con l'altro, sddosso pietre ed arriviam alla base.

Siam affamati, assetati e stanchi. Una giornata lunga e laboriosa. Ciononostante nel tardo pomeriggio di quel giorno di tarda Estate eravam qua. Un provvidenziale laghetto m ci'accolse. Il secondo problema era quel di metter qualcosa sotto ai denti. Il mio zaino era completamente vuoto. Ma Il Roby aveva una bella scatola di tonno e piselli. M'alzai ed in punta di piedi, come Gatto Silvestro, andai a recuperarla.

Poi l'aprii e me la mangiai. Impassibile, davanti a lui. Risponde: " Ah! Mi hai fatto fare di quelle levate notturne, che m'hai fatto vedere anche gli U. Vai a fidarti degli Amici The Frozen Lake m is located at the Southern foot of Mount Emilius m , and is powered by residues now almost underground and a few small snowfield, that resists until late summer at the surface, in addition the glace-snow at the base of Northern side of the Red Point m with its Lake Hat m send their waters in the same direction.

It is a lake which he told me Giovanni Matteo "Agostino" Zulian of Luin-Brissogne, has always been covered with a blanket of ice and snow, even during the summer. For them, connoisseurs and visitors to the area, was a big surprise when it appeared in August , with its deep blue and deep. With these features had never seen! Just a frame lingered on its eastern shore, as protected from the sun by a rounded rocky promontory to meters.

Like right now. So the beginning of rising temperature has a very remote date of that given to us to believe. Today, the lake ice is not "more frozen" and stripped of winter snows in advance. Already at the beginning of July you can view it in its bright colors and so will last until the beginning of the winter season and beyond.

Until Grandfather Winter decides to forcefully enter into play with its freezing temperatures So many visitors to Emilius along the "ridge of the Three Capuchins" will enjoy his features, but the Lago Gelato is also popular excursion end in itself. At least from the time in which Grandfather Winter decided to run it again in the Hit Parade. In fact, the lake had become a sad, cold and almost abandoned. Indeed unknown. Those who passed were unaware even aware of its presence, as it was covered by white blanket that confused him with rocks and scree.

He had become non-existent and only the best informed and the dowsers were known existed. Even the Emilius was very angry: he did not know where mirror. He consoled himself with the more distant Dessus Lake or Lac des Laures "Dzacquin", but the image appeared a little distorted and opaque.

Listening to all these complaints, Grandfather Winter began to doubt that he had a little too much. It was true that at an altitude of almost meters you had expect very cold temperatures. However, in doing so, he understood that there had been shot in the foot. He had become obnoxious to everyone: "Already in the Val d'Aosta have six months fresh and you're cold. But as they become twelve cold! Exclaimed in chorus tourists, trekkers and mountaineers who also, and yet, had to be adapted to the cold.

It renounced to continue. It was a chorus of protests and soon, if not a Revolution, it was in prior Industrial Action. With all these explosions of colors, with all those everywhere who enjoyed life, made him feel even older than he was. He decided: "I hereby release the ice and snow. I want to become Sympathetic me too. But how? He had found the right Idea. Angering the Punta Rossa, usually already very nervous, almost exhausted, so much so that not a day passes without its cast stones and red hot downstairs.

It is "light" to the fullest and with its warmth melt ice and snow. This Neurasthenic! Suddenly, in the space of a week of wrath, the Red Point did Hara-Hiri, grew angry and began throwing stones burning, everywhere. The Emilius, an old fox, sly watched from above. By dint of boiling stones, came to boil herself before she gave birth to the Lake Hat, then, taken by force erotic, stripped to Lake Gelato, which was neither frozen nor frozen, giving it a sensual, almost "horny".

At least for a couple of months Almeno dal tempo nel quale Nonno Inverno decise di lanciarlo nuovamente nella Hit Parade. Difatti era diventato un lago triste, freddo e quasi abbandonato. Anzi sconosciuto. Quelli che passavan non si rendevan neppur conto della sua presenza, coperto com'era dalla bianca coltre che lo confondeva con rocce e pietraie. Pur ver che a quota di quasi metri bisognava aspettarsi temperature alquanto fredde. E rinunciavan a proseguire.

Voglio diventare Simpatico pure io. Ma come fare? Questa Nevrastenica! Almeno per un paio di Mesi …. Everyone knew that this was the Goat Lake m. From Centuries, even Millennia, perhaps as Always. Moving in the pasture, depending on existing grass, goats, alone, ranged the place of drinking. As it happens again today for those of my friend Ezio Fragno.

One fine day there came a Lord, who thought he knew more: "But what Lake of the Goats! What is the Lac de l'E'cho if you go there and try to run your Ooooohhhhh towards Peak Garin m and she, inevitably, will respond by coming down the Echo from Pas of the Valaisan m , as a sled at full speed. Go and try". It was true. But then this was the Echo Lake? The Antonio is down that ran over there with the line: "You took some trout? Fish are hiding under all the water for the Fear and there is not one that throws off his head.

Both lakes under quarrel among themselves aloud looks for the Name and the one above is crazy and enraged by all this noise. Indeed it was there that tinkers with the boulders. Go and see, because it seems that Things are happening Turkish. Then feel an Eco deadly of which there are Cash of Resonance".

The Frozen Loch had distanced itself from all this Mob and was more secluded at the top, on the right there, watching "disgusted" by the High Nobility of her. Doubts arose. The Cartographers, however, to seize the opportunity a drop in Football and immediately reported on the cards "Lac de l'E'cho" , believed to have made a great Discovery.

Indeed one of Scoop! There was no doubt to doubt. Lake of the Goats and the poor? Disappeared, with much of the same pain that they did not know where to go for a drink. Certainly not quenched their thirst with the Eco. And not a little. A Real Injustice! But our Doubts remained: "Let's try to think of Reason Logic.

Shepherds for what interested: Water or Eco? There is no need to answer. We conducted thorough Investigations. Maybe once. We tried here too the Eco. It was resolved the Busillis. That was in the Lake of the Goats and pond that Echo. He said the Reason. The End of th'Enigma. Goats are not so stupid to go and drink where there is scarcity of water, so that the same appears early in the season but then the Sun and Rocks Emilius the "burn. Then the Lord, do not know how, it is remembered or heard some Old Gamekeepers of the Village.

Charvensod, of course. But do not overdo it S'il vous plait! Had already distanced himself from the Frozen, and now come out that these two no longer stop fighting over the Paternity of the Name. It 's really hard to live in a Condo! Tutti sapean che quel l'era Il Lago delle Capre m. Da Secoli, anzi Millenni, forse Sempre.

Come avvien tutt'Oggi per quelle del mio amico Ezio Fragno. L'era propri vero. Ma allor questo era veramente il Lago dell'Eco? Sorser dubitasion. I Cartografi, invece, presero la palla al balzo nel Calcio drop e subito riportaron sulle carte "Lac de l'E'cho" , convinti d'aver fatto gran Scoperta. Anzi 'no Scoop! Non era alcun dubbio per dubitar. Ed il pover Lago delle Capre? Non si dissetavan sicuro con l'Eco. E non di poco. Ai Pastor cosa fregava: l'Acqua o l'Eco? Forse 'na volta.

Provam: anche qui l'Eco. Quel sotto Il Lago delle Capre el sopra quel dell'Eco. Fin dell'Enigma. Del Charvensod, logicamente. Ma non esageriam S'il Vous plait! They say that Emilius and the Punta Rossa did not go very okay. He haughty and contemptuous towards her, always scolded with insults: "You're small and ugly, you're always getting in the way between me and the Garin! That is a mountain that is elegant and refined lines.

Clearly not like my that are perfect, but definitely worthy of a look at them, like a good boy. O as the "Becca" at my feet on the other side. These are my maids. Thou, however, ruin everything with serious damage d 'image for My Realm. And then do not even have a lake, even tiny little.

In addition, you were born with three heads and you can not even figure out what the real one, the highest. You really are a monster Incidentally he had always mirrored in a small pond below the Valliger's Pass. But it was a puddle, not comparable with that pimp of Frozen Lake, where every morning His Royal Highness th'Emilius is reflected narcissus and gives him the bow. But then reflected, "What is my life, always second lead. Squeezed between that little bitch of Garin and this Trombone gives oneself airs, it's just hot air.

I have to build a mirror too, so I'll most beautiful mirroring me all mornings. So far I have too much neglected ". So he thought of becoming a Witch, because they do hags Spells. He did. For real. He took off his white winter coat and took on a new coat. Red, reddish in fact, still rather dark red, ruddy, reddish and red deep, nearly purple.

He looked in the pond and figured that now was really a Witch. And he behaved as such: first raised his white robes and suggested two or three legs, it was not clear, red, worn out and shriveled. It looked like a stone! Then he untied the fields of snow at his feet, with a roar of Thunder dumped an avalanche of stones rubbing together had the effect of a fuse. Boooom, a big explosion and magically appeared at his feet a lake.

As a small, nor big, definitely nice turquoise and green waters. But, being born of a Witch, had a particularly unusual: the shape of a hat with tips.

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