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For up to the minute events relevant to the data intensive research community please see our events page on the JGI website. Tuesday 19 September Bristol is the first region to develop such a tool and this is your chance to define how this tool should be used. This workshop will introduce the Health Data Inventory and pilot funding will be made available by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for University of Bristol researchers to develop high quality pilot projects using this data.

For more information please email oliver. Tuesday 26 September 1 3. This is the first bring-your-own-lunch meeting of the University of Bristol data visualisation working group. In this meeting we will focus on good and bad practices in data visualisation. This session will be led by Harriet Mills and Bobby Stuijfzand and we are currently collecting materials i. If you are aware of any good or bad! Wednesday 27 September To mark this, there will be a final event to celebrate its achievements and those of the wider AMR research community at Bristol.

AMR research is currently being undertaken in 5 of our 6 Faculties and in 12 Schools and Departments. The AMR research community has much to celebrate — the University of Bristol is currently leading the UK in the number of awards and value from the cross-council AMR funding initiative.

They will also be looking forward to some new AMR research and training initiatives at Bristol too. Please register. The deadline for registration is 20 September Ada is an interactive theatre production which celebrates the work of Mathematician Ada Lovelace.

The aim of the show is to inspire the next generation of technical innovators and help people, especially girls and women, to engage with technology and STEM as a career. For more details please see Ada. A Theatre production. This unique installation takes the form of a robotic two-course harp resembling the Clifton Suspension Bridge in shape. The instrument will be played by two independent robotic arms, each one strumming the strings of one side of the harp in response to data harvested on the north and south side of the bridge.

This intriguing installation forms part of Digital Bristol Week and is open to the public at this Waterfront venue. Keep checking the JGI website events page for more details as they emerge. Meet with academic and industry colleagues and explore opportunities for developing new collaborations and partnerships.

For full details see Engineering Research Showcase BOC is interested in identifying collaboration partners for developing solutions, as well as learning about plug and play technologies that can support discovery of customer insights. Innovators could also benefit from involvement in upcoming collaborations with BOC and other activities promoted by Digital Catapult. The Pit Stop is a focused open innovation activity designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas.

To attend this Pit Stop please apply by 13 October The benefits of cycling as a mode of transport are well documented — including saving money, improving health and a cleaner environment for all. This is how it works: the data will be provided and the rest is up to you!

Your entry could take the form of a tool, an app, a visualisation, a linked dataset, or a new piece of software to clearly demonstrate your ideas. Following the first round of judging, selected finalists will be invited to pitch their innovations to the judging panel and an audience of event attendees at a Demo Day. Please visit the Data Sandbox webinar hub for more info and to join the discussion.

Register to attend the information and networking day on 31 October in London. Find out more. An important element of these roadmaps is to understand the current equipment provision across the UK. The group would also like to collect views on the future challenges and technical developments in tomography required to enable new science. Want to improve your ability to find data and use data in your research? This survey is the first of many initiatives in their endeavour to generate a special focus on user experience for the UK Data Service.

Would you like your events publicised by the JGI? Have any queries or would like to get involved? Please contact us jgi-admin bristol. The workshop is free of charge, but you must sign up as spaces are limited. Only available for staff and students at the University of Bristol. This workshop will introduce the Health Data Inventory, pilot funding will be made available by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for UoB researchers to develop high quality pilot projects using these data.

Please share with your networks. For more information contact vicki. Today, the guest is Dr Bobby Stuijfzand, data scientist at the Jean Golding Institute , and issues arising range from the ownership of health records to the existence of free will. But why is it relevant now? He shows a photo of a concert and asks us to reflect on the changes since Diverse answers reveal some of the different motivations of audience members for coming: some comment that you have to sign in to everything these days, others that it would have been unthinkable for a president to be constantly posting on social media.

Fitbits were yet to come. Streaming services such as Netflix have shifted the habits of viewers. While the audience responses were obviously shaped in this direction by the topic of the event, it can certainly be argued that many of the changes in the last decade come from data — they are either enabled by it, like the Fitbit, or generate it, like the indexing and recommendations provided by Netflix. Bobby used his own research on eye tracking as an illustration of how data science proceeds.

Then you come up with some ways to describe overall characteristics of this data, such as the average length of time fixating on a single point or the distance that the gaze travels before fixating again. Computer scientists might call these features, while statisticians and psychologists think of these as variables.

By comparing these variables for different large groups of raw observations data sets , you can work out which characteristics are different between groups — perhaps what people are reading or what task they are doing. Fitting mathematical descriptions to these characteristics lets you predict how they will vary if you were to collect more and more data. Finally, with these models, computers are trained to make predictions about which group new data is likely to be in based on these findings.

By taking specific observations, measuring features, looking for group differences, polishing those into mathematical predictions, and applying them with computers, a lot of complicated systems can be built. This was what Bobby handed over to the audience, with a challenge: knowing the basics ideas of data science, and what has changed since , what do you think will be like?

What will the future look like, and how will data science have changed it? Much discussion followed, ably assisted by the selection of drinks available. Some people foresaw widespread drone surveillance and blackmail, particularly until the law caught up; some thought that supply and demand for shops and retailers would be synced up much more closely, so there would hardly ever be a run on products. Others foresaw that Artificial Intelligence AI would take over a lot of menial tasks.

With the ability to model everything, someone else asked, was there any free will left? Abulrub, Abdul-Hadi G. Mark A. ACM Transactions on Algorithms , 15 1. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. Adewoyin, Rilwan A. Machine Learning, 8. Cogent Engineering, 9 1. Journal of Medical Systems, 42 7. Ahmad, Bilal , Vera, Daniel A. Ahmadi-Assalemi, Gabriela , Al-Khateeb, Haider , Epiphaniou, Gregory and Aggoun, Amar Super learner ensemble for anomaly detection and cyber-risk quantification in industrial control systems.

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